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  1. You don't need to change model to HTC Desire, just change manufacturer to HTC and let there stock model info, it will work too ;).
  2. For gingerbread? Nah, the Google Now is made for API Level 15 (ICS) and 16 (JB).
  3. The UI of this ROM looks GREAT! But I do not want to flash it, because it have not got other languages... After other languages included, i should be happy to test!
  4. Nothing lags on ICS because it uses GPU for UI. Not CPU like gingerbread.
  5. And on g300, the modern combat 3 DONT HAVE LAGS!
  6. It is doing some app. I had those on cm7 too. Do factory reset and install apps. After you installed some app and its doing, dont use it.
  7. Blades have different versions. Gen1 with android 2.1, gen2 with android 2.2 And gen3 with android 2.3. But they are different, so you cant install gen2 ROM on gen1 & gen3 etc.
  8. Same problem was in miuifusionx, try to start phone without SIM.
  9. T Flash card will erase everything And install update, bit normal update will not erase data.
  10. I have those too... And in gmail, If i scroll down in my email, IT CONTENT DISSAPEARS! And, its ROM have tiny keyboard compare to CFX
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