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  1. I'm not getting very good battery life. Anyone find a fix? New kernel maybe?
  2. Might be off topic, but where do you typically get your gapps from? I'm always googling around for them and never sure what version is the latest. Is there a place you go to find the latest version?
  3. I was having trouble with video playing. MX Video seemed to fix it.
  4. I am having the same issue...sigh Themes also don't apply
  5. Just curious as to the changelog from B003 to B004. If it's just a signal bar fix I'll wait for a while. Really happy with B003 so far. Outstanding work Trip! EDIT: nvm, saw first post changelog
  6. Fantastic work Trip. Not a big issue at all, but I'll mention it anyways. Some gallery editing features such as red eye cause FC.
  7. Hmmmm, Calendar Sync seems to have disappeared from my Google Account Sync. Can anyone else confirm? It was working in A6.
  8. I would take that down ASAP if I were you. xda doesn't want external links and Trip doesn't want his work posted there.
  9. No one is saying you're wrong. Trip just doesn't want to release it, for better or for worse. I think the method you are using to confront him about it is inappropriate, send him a PM or an email. If he doesn't respond, move on or sue him. Harassing him will not end well for anyone...
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