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  1. I had this kind of problem with a couple of games some time ago, before the "Allow purging of assets" options became really effective. I tested one of the games (Trainyard) after rebooting with this option turned on and off and it consistently opened ok when "Allow purging of assets" was turned on. (YMMV)
  2. In my phone (also a Sapo a5) bluetooth works just perfect. On the other hand, I have a friend with another Sapo a5 (a bit newer than mine) that has to use stock based ROMs (e.g. SS) because he finds it very difficult to turn BT on with CM based ROMs! I have no idea why, but that's how it is...
  3. I did, and that's how I got the green flashing led. Otherwise it wouldn't light up, IIRC. However, in previous roms, I got a green solid notification led if the phone was sleeping. Now I get a red led, the same has the charging led... Not a big "problem" but it left me wondering...
  4. Thanks guys. Either my phone has some damage or the portuguese Sapo a5 (ZTE Libra) is a bit different form other phones. (I already had it serviced under warranty about an year ago because the leds and buttons started behaving erratically with no apparent reason.)
  5. Notification LED always shows solid red while the phone is sleeping. It blinks green only while awake. Is this normal? Does it depend on hardware revisions? Is there any way to make it show a solid green while sleeping? (This was the default in previous ROMs (CM7 or stock).)
  6. I always had "automatic brightness" disabled, but I do use another app to manage brightness automatically. Either way, the crashes have stopped since I disabled the lockscreen (which I didn't really need) so the "problem" may have multiple causes...
  7. Regarding at least the RR problems that I had, I don't think the problem is ROM specific. I also don't think it's related directly to S2E/link2sd. Because RR stopped completely when I replaced my microsd card, the problem is definitely (partially) hardware related. If the problem has an intermittent nature, it would be easier to spot when the phone is more dependent on the sdcard (e.g., when s2e/link2sd are being used). That would probably explain why people often suspect S2E causes instability... Also, there are so many combinations of Blade hardware versions and sdcard brand/model that we probably won't find two exactly equal cases between the almost 30 people who voted in this poll... :)
  8. Very true! And SD card brand/model is also quite important, but it's difficult to track down. I had lots of problems with a highly recommended (in another thread) Sandisk 16GB class 4 and no problems at all with a couple of cards of lesser (unknown) brands... With CM10.1 I've experienced another kind of (soft) reboot,not really random: sometimes when waking up the device only the button leds would light up and a few seconds later the startup animation would start (a soft-reboot?). Today I've disabled the lockscreen and had no more reboots while waking up the device. It's a bit early to say anything, but it seems likely the lockscreen has something to do with it (or my specific lockscreen config, which includes a couple of extra apps and a custom icon stored in the sdcard). EDIT: Two days later, the reboots when waking up are still gone. I'm guessing they're definitely lockscreen related...
  9. This happened to me a lot with every ROM I tried. I think the problem lies in a S2E/microSD combination. If I don't use S2E (or link2sd), everything runs smoothly. While using S2E/link2sd I tested 4 different microSD brands and two of made my phone very unstable (Transced 8GB class 4 & Sandisk 16GB class 4). The other two are fine (no brand -- Kingston?? -- 2GB and 16GB class 4).
  10. I have the same exact problem (ZTE Libra 512MB, GEN2). I attached the single tombstone file the event generated in case it is useful to someone who wants to check this one out. tombstone_00.zip
  11. S2E performance is quite sensitive to the micro SDHC brand/model. I had problems (lockups/reboots/bootloops) with a Transcend 8GB class 4 and a Sandisk 16GB class 4 (which was highly recommended in another thread). On the other hand, an unknown brand/class 2GB worked flawlessly, as did a Samsung 4GB class 4. Go figure!... :) I've also experienced this on CM10 (4.1.2)
  12. I noticed the same. It seems that 27-12 always thinks a USB port and not a wall charger is being used to charge the device (Settings->About->Status). Not a big problem, though... I does seem to have another quirk: the notification LED is often wrong. It stays red or green after disconnecting from the charger; lights red instead of green for missed calls, doesn't blink or turn on on incoming emails, etc...
  13. I'm not sure if it's 100% the same as installing targetbsp's builds, but sometimes I install the latest nightly and flash the Adreno Libs from his site (in his signature) and everything seems to work fine!
  14. Yes. The fix works and the latest nightly seems just fine!
  15. S2E with the newest CWM recovery ( seems to be working fine here. I had to restore a backup a few days ago and everything went perfectly smooth. The backup was made with recovery. I do have an intermittent problem: sometimes my phone hangs while charging. It seems to do that when the screen turns off. After resetting, the phone may enter a reboot loop. I can fix it (usually) by cleaning Dalvik cache. I now try to charge the phone with the screen on. It seems to improve things and reduce crash frequency (not sure, though). I've been using the latest builds from your site (thanks!).

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