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  1. Pbmounza

    [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    thx a lot Thx a lot
  2. Pbmounza

    [CM7.2] Cyanogenmod 7.2 for LiquidA1/LiquidE

    after i install this rom i found that it does't have android market . So i dowload .apk file but when i open it . It crash T T help me plz
  3. why my liquid a1 boot so long for this rom . i've waiting for 10 min. it stuck in acer logo . Help Help plz
  4. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    I have something to ask about free ram . What is the diff. from kill app from the app memmory killer and clean it by myself from menu that u said ?? and i you have another app that work plz tell me
  5. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    Do i need to wipe something or just flash replace it ??
  6. Pbmounza

    Which launcher is better ADW and Go launcher?

    But I use liquid next 1.9.2 and why adw launcher is have some laggy while I go to menu to find some app? ?
  7. Pbmounza

    Device wont start

    I think u should use 4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1_A22F_A_256_bin It is the most stable
  8. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    what can compcatch different from swap and what is the diff. between them
  9. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    After i use app2sdgui i found that i can't open market !~!!!! DAmn T T
  10. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    If i want to app2sd do i need to swap too?
  11. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    What about app2sd how to do it with this rom ?? i mean old app2sd not use app
  12. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    Do u Oc your liquid ?
  13. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    Wow it fast !!! now Thank You be the best !! :)
  14. Pbmounza

    [1.12.30]MIUI -Lens_flare ED

    ok i will trry :)

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