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  1. Or Photoshop, I don't get benchmarks they're really not representative of how good anything is. The only way to know how good a ROM is is to use it
  2. I don't get why manufacturers only put 512mb RAM it really annoys me because I don't know about Windows Phone but Android realistically needs 1gb.
  3. haven't got a clue but it most certainly does not until updated to the new bootloader.
  4. well the stock bootloader when the device is bought is unlocked so yes it should be but youll know anyway as soon as you try to flash anything if it's locked or not.
  5. I haven't got a clue because I haven't used any of the middle packages or downgrade methods or anything because I haven't needed to.
  6. 1. The screen seems nice and responsive to me 2. There are probably better phones spec wise out there for the price but it has a very decent dev community. The back kind of creaks a bit.
  7. Using chrome beta I really don't have any issues with the scrolling that I had with the stable version of chrome.
  8. No I meant so when people see the thread title the don't ohh that's old I'm running the latest build its to prevent people discarding it because it looks like an old build
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