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  1. This German site claiming being released in Europe in June. Casio marketing need to get their act together :-) http://smartwatch-im-praxistest.de/casio-smartwatch-kommt-definitiv-auf-den-deutschen-markt/
  2. Casio UK saying it won't be released here until 2017 :-(
  3. Got one to replace a Note 2, so the size hasn't been an issue for me. However my first handset was a real Friday afternoon job with constant reboots when connected to wifi. Second one is stable as a rock. Agree with the comment about software, Sony's light touch with Android is a pleasant surprise after the Note 2.
  4. I'm used to the Note 2 size, but I'd have to handle a one else max before considering it. On paper it just looks too big. I do like that flip cover with inbuilt additional juice. However that just increases the bulk
  5. How does it shape up compared to the Galaxy Note 2?
  6. A question about the secure boot image option. Will installing this allow the Barclays pingit app to work on a rooted device?
  7. Has anyone ever used Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection? Expansys are selling it for £8 and I was wondering if it was as good as they claim.
  8. Turned out I had a faulty Sony stereo. Had it replaced under warranty and no problems since.
  9. I found a version of Handcent on XDA that fixed the double sms issue. No joy from Go SMS yet.
  10. Handcent issued an updated version which solved the double txt problem. Go SMS Pro still doing it. I had no issue with stock messaging app
  11. Just wondering but did you have any anti virus running on your phone?
  12. Updated fine via Odin Mobile. Only issue I've spotted is Go SMS Pro sends txt messages twice. Stock messaging client works as nature intended
  13. Yes. My Titanium backups go to Dropbox so I had no dramas :-)
  14. Got an 11 plate Mondeo with the Sony DAB unit in it, and my Galaxy SII conected fine with the handsfree and voice dialling. Then all of a sudden last week as soon as the car connected to my phone, I got an Audio Mute sign on the dashboard and the stereo went dead on all inputs (CD, Radio, Aux). All I had was the clock. Tried starting the car and the car wouldn't connect to the phone and I still only had the clock on the stereo. I've tried deleting the connection and re-pairing with the same results. Eventually I sussed out that I could get the stereo working again by holding the on/off switch in for 30 seconds, but if I had the bluetooth on the phone switched on, the same thing happens. Tried with my Mrs Crackberry, and that works fine. I've not flashed a ROM or done anything that should mangle the Bluetooth - I'm rooted with Paul's original MCR for the SII, and like I said all worked fine until last week. I can't imagine any App updates that would disrupt the Bluetooth to that extent. Anyone any ideas
  15. That's useful info as I'm just debating whether to swap my 07 ST tdci for a nearly new Titanium X Sport. Might just get a Parrot kit like I have at present Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  16. Strange. Got home, stuck card in a card reader and everything is visible. So I copy content and put back in phone and reformat. No content is removed and now everything is back working as intended. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  17. Switched on phone this morning and got a USB storage damaged message. Assumed it was card so re-inserted it but no joy. Checked settings and all USB storave is unavailable. Is phone fubarred? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  18. Ok, re-rooted and installed a baked rom. Only issue I've spotted is that when a call comes in, I have to swipe to view the number (the taskbar is highlighted in green). I'm using Launcher Pro and have a password lock on the phone, if that makes any difference.
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