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  1. Android 2.3.8 ?? :huh: it's like the 3.0.8 kernel :lol: Ps: dont hope sources, he newer share theme ( all his topics are closed on xda for this), he keep saying "when i will have a better connection"
  2. i have read that it was Bender ( robot name like Astro (Android)) but cause of copyright they have changed
  3. Yay, i have searched more sites and yes it was Astro ^^ (and Bender for B)
  4. That funny because the galaxy s and htc one v "cant support" 4.x but the n880e have the same specs o:)
  5. Dont work with me too, i tried /systeme and /data but both FC :( Zte blade with cm7
  6. Is it possible to have the last cwm 6? it have better backup speed
  7. Burstlam, can you add in changelog which aokp build you use? Thanks
  8. Why not center clock and miui baterry bar ? :) And idk if its possible but you can add Evilisto's (on xDa) lockscreen and multitasking mod (where we can easy switch between wp7 or sense mutitasking and lg 4x, acer, honeycomb...)
  9. It's not the blade and ZTE N880E & first ZTE ICS update
  10. Hi, someone know wich app to delete for remove the second widget, the first is google search, the last is Search, which come with cm7, but the second...
  11. Very beautifull rom, is it posible to use the stock theme in cm7? I can see the ICS theme apk but not MokeeOS theme :/
  12. Hmm i have just switched back to GB, are they good app like htc or samsung can made or? And can we hacve some screen please? And Wp7 and android phone :blink: i want this N880!
  13. Im using Go launcher and launcher7 on cm7, and i love L7 for all the options and the ui. On ICS i use apex. Ps: if you want the real ics launcher on gb http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=25693967
  14. http://www.change.org/petitions/openmax-release-openmax-codecs-for-arm-v6 (Q)What is OpenMax Codecs? (A)With this codec, on the ICS ROMS for our devices, we will finally can have a decent camera on our smartphone, we can use the Panoramic Mode, HQ on Youtube, HW acceleration mode for the videos, and much more! Sign it,its simple,you just need to input your full name,e-mail address,hometown and postal code ;) cmon guys,its for all of you with lower-end devices! Original post by D3HuM4NiZ3D: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1628278
  15. Woow the lockscreen app is very good, no lag and it show directly after unlocking your phone
  16. @Blade_: this mod is like Beats (but better(for me)), it modify the sound for a better music experience: a clear sound and better bass. And it will increase a bit the volume. @eucurto: you dont need to wipe something, and if there is no change, so your rom is not compatible. @Carbonize: this is not an equalizer, so it's hard to compare this with volume+, but you can use it too (am using this mod+DSP+poweramp equalizer :D )
  17. I think u have to just reflash your rom. You can uptade it and try reflashing the mod, for me it work whith burgerz's build and lastest sej buils.
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