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  1. Hi guys! After going through some beta stages,we finally got Honeycomb RC1,with all the Major bugs IRONED OUT. Now it's only a matter of solving the minor resolution problems Our team is made up of : Devs: - Me :P -dariolob -Frussou -diagdave HONEYCOMB RC1 20 OCTOBER 2011 DOWNLOAD---> http://hotfile.com/dl/132810284/d86b...st3_5.zip.html Changelog SD automount fixed with MUSIC and GALLERY working 3G AND GSM FIXED!! New RIL from Samsung sources Setup Wizard has been re-enabled because it works WARNING--- THIS BUILD WILL PROBABLY WIPE INTERNAL SDCARD !! INSTALLATION GUIDE! ---> I'll post a detailed one in some time In Short:Flash back froyo(with bootloaders), flash a froyo kernel with cwm, make sure all fs are ext4, then apply the zip and reboot. Additional notes: - You may occur in strange issues like red borders in windows but they are known HC sdk issues, easy to overcome, just search on google or take a look in this forum DEVELOPEMENT STATUS: Active Things we're working at: New kernel,built from new sourcesSmoothness increaseBetter screen resolutionMinor bugs fixing Updates soon CD XDA Thread Credits: Spacemoose-- without him none of this could be possible All the testers
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