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  1. Sounds familiar :) I think I had this effect after restoring "BT associations" (or whatever this is called in English) in Titanium. BT seems to be working fine once I reinstalled CM and just re-registered my BT headset instead of restoring BT settings.
  2. I checked behaviour of my phone on 3G (just to recap, I'm on Gr5, MCKr26, BB 0725 and RIL from Gr5) and no problems noticed. Switching to/from 2G is OK. Recovery from lost signal is also OK. Please note that this changed after reflashing the ROM with different kernel (original -> MCK26) so either it is a matter of the different kernel or a matter of wiping the Dalvik cache. Why don't you try doing this, I mean: enter recovery and wipe Dalvik cache, reboot and check if this helped or not. Even if it will not help it will not hurt ;)
  3. That's strange but my phone improved after flashing Gr5 with MCKr26 - and I have not touched the baseband yet ... Strictly speaking I did following: 1) Baked core with MCKr26 only, 2) Entered recovery and wiped Dalvik cache (pleasenote - I have not wiped data or cache) , 3) Flashed the above ROM over what I had (pre-baked Gr5 with stock option pack), 4) Booted the phone to conclude that I lost all "stock" applications I should have, 5) Back to recovery and flashed pre-baked stock option pack (no wiping at all). 6) Rebooted and it's seems to be OK from now on. Now, I still can loose the signal in places which I know they have problems with signal (e.g. parking place in the basement) but the phone is recovering from this with no issue. Previously it could have remained with no signal for a longer period of time. Please note that I'm still on the same BB (which is 0725) and (probably) the same RIL. It's really weird, isn't it?
  4. Do you use any additional special partitions (e.g. EXT3/4) on your card?
  5. Maybe this is a stupid question but how can I bake a package with with selected components only? I mean - I would like to have something a kind of prebake: core package and "theme" package but a bit more general: the idea is to be able to install some additional components if I missed them in the first place. Hmm, not sure if this makes sense in general but this question comes from the fact that I wanted to try MCKr26 and it seems that the only way was to bake whole ROM with it - it would be great if there was a possibility to bake kernel-only update packages - easier to "jump" from one kernel to the other in case something goes bonkers.
  6. OK, it did it again: when coming to work I have one place in the building where the signal is lost. It seems that the phone is unable to recover automatically from this. Playing with the "2G/3G" switch helps, but this is not how it should be. I think it's time to check how the 0622 BB will work ...
  7. @Tsaglis - Really weird view And are there no apps attributed to this? I mean - what was the "usage" screen saying?
  8. Is there anything visible on the battery stats screen? Maybe it's not kernel itself but some app that got stuck? Worth checking IMO. For example I had a few problems on the stock GB (the one released by LG) - the LG e-mail app was crashing on each startup and the music app was acting up: it was starting itself on the phone startup (quite normal I think) and eating quite a lot of battery (not quite normal I think) but this was apparent from the battery usage screen. After installing GR5 it seems to be better - I still need a few days of playing with it for the final judgement.
  9. I agree with you both - my unscientific impression is that 0725 baseband behaves worse than the previous one. To be precise: on FR18 my phone behaved very well but since I upgraded to "stock" GB (via LG update app) it seems to be loosing signal easier. Not that I had to restart the phone but anyway I had a few rather long "lost signal" periods so far. The phone was able to catch up again though.
  10. Well, this is what I intended to report : I baked GR5 with MCKr27 and my phone started "freezing" on Doplhin browser. Not total freeze though - I was able to return to the home screen after a while. Interestingly my WiFi connection was lost. Anyway, I installed prebaked rom with the "LG stock" pakage and so far everything is working great. p.s. Since this is my first post in here I would like to say hello to anyone and pass BIG thanks to Paul and all others that make this possible ...
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