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  1. 35mb cash, 200mb system, and 205mb data!....................... :D
  2. Well I've given this ROM a good work out, and while it's perfect in so many ways, it's let down by some issues with storage management, I have never had a ROM as this one, clog up so quickly and run out of space on the internal storage, even with the use of Link2SD? The internal data disappears very quickly with the minimum of apps installed. I have a strong suspicion than Link2SD is not working correctly with this ROM, but then maybe it is not Link2SD, but something going wrong with the Dalvik cash not flushing or updating, anyway far too many 'out of space' issues with this, I'm afraid, 'Skatie' is still the best in my view!................. :ph34r:
  3. Thanks for the November update C3C0, everything went perfect, seems less wait warnings with apps, and the latest Go Launcher EX runs very smooth, much appreciated!...................
  4. I have tested many 7", and currently have the Galaxy Tab 2. 7, and the Ainol Novo 7 Aurora II. My brief was to find the best built 7" that could compete with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 generation product, and I have to say that the Novo 7 is any match for the Samsung Galaxy, it has the same quality screen as the Samsung with a 1024 x 600 resolution, placing both screens side by side, there is no difference. the other plus is that it came with 1 GB of DDR3 memory, Dual core CPU with performance settings, and a High end graphics chip that matches the Samsung. Where the Novo 7 scored better than the Samsung was, in the actual internal storage, the Samsung is advertised as 8GB, but in actuality you only get a poor 4.4 GB net storage, though there is a Micro SD slot, but with the Novo 7's internal storage is a generous 16 GB, and Micro SD slot, there is 13.20 GB net internal storage available to the user, as well as up to 32 GB Micro SD. It came with Android ICS 4.04, after rooting and removing the Chinese social media bloatware from the system, and installing Nova tablet Launcher, the Nova 7 runs like a dream. It is very much similar in appearance to the galaxy tab 7 though marginally smaller it still packs the same screen dimensions, I have to say that while I purchased the Samsung first, due to it's market name, had I known the quality of the Nova, the Samsung tab 7 would never have been purchased, that said, the Samsung is the one to beat, and when you consider the price of £199, for the Samsung, compared to the Novo 7's modest £90, then it's a clear winner. To conclude the Nova is in my view one hell of a product for the price, it has everything the Samsung has and more, the only two specs missing from the Nova, which the Samsung has is Bluetooth, and GPS, which for me are not that important on a 7" tablet, and I can't recommend the product enough, having purchased from an online retailer with UK stock, I had delivery within 48 hours. hope this helps iamthecosmos
  5. Where's the jelly beans gone?............................... :ph34r:
  6. Cannot go over 960 on Paranoid ICS, best Max speed without system restarts is 940, settled for 920.
  7. Having tested this Rom with many apps, though not extensively, I can say that the only issues I have found are to do with video streaming, I know there are issues with youtube HQ being choppy, but have had issues with any program that attempts to video stream from internet, the best I have achieved so far is with TVCatchup, though only getting sound, which tells me there is maybe a codec issue, well it could be flash problem, as with BBC iPlayer, but I have resolved system video playback being choppy by installing MX Player, which when installed request further arm 6 codec pack from Play Store, when installed, have found the software decoder, better than the hardware decoder, plays HD264/mkv/MP4 flawlessly. Attempting to use TV streams can cause system crashes and restarts, so it's a no go area, until fixed by the inimitable C3C0!...................
  8. Ceco your update of the 12/10 has resolved the boot time, now coming in at 2 minutes (Class 10 Samsung Card). your Rom update of the 03/10 had some issues with Link2SD, which although was reporting apps linked to Ex2/3, in fact were not, and upon reboot, the system struggled to cope with the fact that the internal Data had exceeded it's limit, had to do a wipe, but same thing happened again, your 12/10 update resolved this and the same number of apps are giving me a data partition of 120 mb free. less wait warnings too, though still cannot use BBC iplayer, and some Air. apps. Regarding your comment on flash for arm 6, I have never had any issues with it on your Skatie ROM (2.4), where in fact the BBC iplayer plays flawlessly, and as good as my Galaxy s2 and Note. I have Nova as my only Launcher on my Galaxy tab 2, and I know what your referring too regarding it's performance. I'm fully aware of the resource drain of Go launcher, and usually set it up as lean as possible, if Nova had the ifolder opening and closing effect, then I would not bother with Go launcher, though they do maintain a good stream of updates to keep it running good. Finally just like to say your current revision released on the 12th is the best yet, and has given very little issues so far, much appreciated, thanks again.......... ;)
  9. Just an update Ceco, have restored my CWM backup of Paranoid ICS, and did the new 03/10 update, including fixes, but didn't go well so cleaned out skate, and did a fresh install, plus your two latest fixes, which do seem to have resolved the crashes, I am going to run with this for some time, to see how things go, though my initial feelings are that there is some memory management issues, and it doesn't seem to like Go Launcher (Lagging), but the crashes have now gone. Would just like to add a few observations: 1) BBC iplayer not working (even with Adobe Flash 10, or 11 for Arm6) 2) Memory Management issues 3) Startup time 4 minutes 4) Root access for Link2SD can be buggy on auto link (occasional failure, due to loss of root access, suspect memory issue) 5) Very small % of program compatibility issues, that should work, but don't 6) Overall speed has been reduced some what. These are observations and not complaints I must add, for your feedback, hope I have helped in some small way, very much appreciate your expertise Ceco, many thanks again................ ;)
  10. Man If only Orange could respond so quickly! thanks for the tips Ceco, will back up my SKatie Rom, and restore the Paranoid, and apply the fixes, and let you know how it goes, thanks again...................... :D
  11. Would just like to thank Ceco, and all his associates for a great ROM that has served me well all year, just updated to 2.4, Dolby sound is good, have not had any issues, other than screen flicker on occasions, and increased contrast, maybe a screen calibration issue or display driver, but great every day ROM, I'm very pleased with, many thanks indeed, and keep up the good work. PS: Would like to see the development of a stable ICS ROM for skate, have tried Paranoid ICS, but too many system crashes and restarts, not stable enough for every day use, though the speed of the OS is amazing, as is the boot times of 30 seconds, also the screen resolution and depth is awesome, but shame it's not stable enough for every day use, surely the ZTE Skate deserves a stable ICS 4 Rom some time soon, maybe I'll make a wish!...................... :rolleyes:
  12. While I'm a big fan of the Go launcher, I think the LP Sense Launcher is one worthy of Mention particularly if you like HTC setup! Link: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1253752 Download: http://www.4shared.c...nseUIv1503.html That's my input for what its worth!....................:rolleyes:
  13. Hi C3CO Everything working perfect, and after installing 133 apps, no issues at all, I have successfully transfered 'Media Share' program, which works fine, though I'm having difficulty getting 'Wireless Signal booster' to work! Any advice would be appreciated cheers
  14. What Apn settings? there were none! there are now though, thought about this just after I posted my previous post, just loading all my previous settings and apps, will report back once complete, thanks all the same though........................:D
  15. Anyone having trouble with wireless network connection, and I cannot conect to the internet using either orange or wireless network, market app doen't work either! have reset phone still no joy....................:angry:
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