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  1. Paul77

    Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    I was thinking the same thing earlier, I assumed I'd just missed it.
  2. Probably a weather or widget app that's causing it then.
  3. Not sure, maybe it's been constantly switching between WiFi and mobile.
  4. Thanks - I thought it was a CM issue. Not seeing it on my One X though.
  5. Every time I update an app on the play store I get the following error: Is anyone else experiencing this?
  6. No problems with the new build, thanks
  7. May help: http://www.reddit.com/r/nexus4/comments/199bd3/a_great_explanation_of_the_msm_hsic_host_wakelock/
  8. You may find that it settles down after a couple of cycles. I tend to stick with the kernel that's included with the rom. I tried Franco for a week or so but can't say I noticed any improvement in battery life or performance.
  9. I'm seeing an improvement in battery with r7 - not sure if that's down to 4.2.2 or not.
  10. Anything to avoid switching on my ancient computer!
  11. The trick with Tapatalk is: settings/more/web view - you will then be able to see the kitchen etc. You may need to log in to the MoDaCo forum when you switch to web view (icon top right hand corner).
  12. It's not unique to this ROM - I tried another CM based ROM and it had the same issue.
  13. One small CM issue. If an app prompts you to change the accessibility settings, it will take you to the appropriate screen but you can't actually change anything. It's not an issue if you go to it through settings/accessibility.
  14. No problems here. I ditched franco last week and find the stock kernel to be smoother, without any significant impact on battery life. Thanks

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