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  1. tu sai il lavoro che c'è dietro?

    ok la rom non ti piace non la usare qual'è il problema?

    il mio non era un porting era solo una sense like

    ma gli insulti non mi stanno bene che a me dici che sparo cazzate

  2. Vinc, puoi anche cercare di raccontarla a quelli di questo forum, idem su liquid blog di vosal... Fatto resta che la tua rom iciano è una mezza porcheria, con la tastiera che crasha ancora prima che la rom si sia avviata. Prendi le rom gi

  3. work badly done?have had 1200 downloads the icyanostyle was appreciated as the lens beupower rom I admire him and I certainly do not say s***
  4. lens for now i m a nobb i am busy witth studies 16 years i
  5. strange theme in my phone goes to install it I downloaded from xda I'm sorry in the next release I put the most beautiful white clock and look for a solution to the issue I had for my rom beatiful widgets already paid and I used that
  6. i use vlingo for now is the best
  7. I do not know why the pictures are not published download the beatiful rom
  8. New rom based on cm7 thx to lens by lens The new rom is fantastic Sense theme 4.0 rom fast the best launcher Sense 3.0 lock screen sense clock 4.0 framework similar sense 4.0 with cm7 theme dsp manager Audio beats boot animation Instructions Go into Recovery Wipe data / cache install zip from sd card reboot change with theme theme chooser 4.0 with one sense change the theme go with sense launcher 4.0 Next relase more apps Download Rom http://www.mediafire...bt8fn27j8gj8q
  9. lens if I want to start doing something I have an idea of ​​modding the excellent cm7 theme and modifying it making sense similar to the 3.0 soon begin to develop'm trying to change the icons and splash screen a question about when will the next release CM9
  10. Is possibile a porting for metal? of meego ( from n9 ) webOS ( opensource) and sense 4.0 ( from porting by nexus s )
  11. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1576565
  12. I forget xD thx to the big lens flare
  13. This fantastic rom-based cyan lens improves by the use of Android entering killer appand a significant improvement in battery life and speed Red and black theme beautiful boot animation best file explorer google music andriud 4.0 best keyboard best gallaery and video player and more<br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  14. I created a new rom with many more in funnzionalità based on the excellent lens CyanogenMod 7 by this beautiful and powerful Rom serves to improve the use of adding stock Android app really interesting MIUI Room (The best Camera for Android) MIUI File explorer (the best file explorer)<br style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); Google Music 4.0 (Beatiful and fast music player) Batista70Phone Best Browser really fast<br style="color: rgb Beatiful Bootanimation (Droid) Mixer Theme chooser in one theme (style motorola droid) Best Gallery and video player Download Rom http://www.mediafire...r0h3e3r3xno34kh Download Wallpaper Pack Motorola Droid http://www.mediafire...o3gicyyb43xs3ow
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