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  1. SUCESS!! After using Vega Tools and being patient for what seems like ages I was able to get the Pov into recovery mode, update the drivers and flash it with the advent rom. Very pleased to get this back, quite suprised how bad the stock advent rom is, no market and no google apps. Going to check out reflashing to something better. Recommendations please guys! Paul
  2. Tried this again tonight after a busy weekend with no time. Managed to get Windows to notice I had plugged it in, alas the driver did not install with a 'No driver found' message. The drivers I have downloaded do seem different from others I have come across (for printers etc), with no proper installation routine I am unable to browse and select the driver. Paul
  3. Sorry I haven't got back to this thread, works been mental and I haven't wanted to sit in front a screen after doing that at work for 8 hours! My problems are going to be first getting my laptop to pickup the tablet, I have the driver files but all I manage to do is get the backlight to turn on and get my laptop to chime when I power it up. Paul
  4. Thanks guys for taking the time to reply, I will be trying to sort my fubar out once I get some piece and quiet (and sobriety) in the new year. Paul
  5. As I have posted elsewhere on the forum, I perhaps wrongly thought I would have to back up my original rom before updating the fw, my mobii screen went blank and all I can do is turn the backlight on and off now. Paul
  6. I have been playing around with this Vega clone for about a month now, I had installed android market without a hitch and left it till the holidays to update the rom. I had already done a phone so had a general idea and looked around on the net for roms and instructions. I rooted the phone with z4root and installed Rom Manager, I decided I should back up the current rom to my sd card but as soon as i selected backup current rom and the screen went blank, i waited and nothing happened. I have tried to boot in to recovery mode using the back and power keys. I have read that its near impossible to brick the vega, i guess the mobii is not so resilient. Any ideas gratefully received, Paul
  7. I chanced my arm and bought one of these. Came next day and its been fine, enjoyed using it so far. Going to either put Clockwork Mod or Vegacomb on it when I have the chance, obviously this is a gamble hoping the hardware is all identical. Paul
  8. Hi, I have been eyeing up the Vega for a while, is this still worth getting? This is the sort of cash I'm happy to spend at the moment. I have also looked at the Archos G9 but it has a couple of issues that have put me off. Any recommendations? I am looking for web browsing, social stuff like twitter and facebook, video etc. Happy to root and flash if needed. Thanks in advance. Paul
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