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  1. I got root access to work properly by copying the su and busybox to /system/bin/ instead of /system/xbin/
  2. Also,the 58MB update obviously has something to do with the video of the device,so can we intercept the download into a file and check if we can add the graphics files using root later to get the display to work?
  3. I managed to do it using HDMI but i enabled the Show Touches option in the Developer Settings menu which helped a lot. It works but it doesn't seem to give any root access to applications. It's like it's there but it doesn't do anything. Great work though! :)
  4. When you flash the 299 MB update.zip,won't the screen start flashing colours?
  5. I'll have a look at that. I'll first try with the 299MB zip and then if that works i'll try with modifying the ROM.
  6. I will definitely try again but this time i will manually go into stock recovery and erase data and cache. Using fastboot i'll erase system so that the tool doesn't do any damage again :P . I'll use it only for flashing. But like i think the only way we can make sure the bootloader signing works is if we try it on an unsigned ROM,do we have any for the OSD at all?
  7. Being a little optimistic,i think that would help ;) I was going through the flash.xml again and i noticed the "fastboot erase factory". I'm still not sure what that line does,the rest of the flash process seemed pretty normal for me. Also from your link,the order to make it alright would be to flash userdata,cache,boot and system and finally the recovery images again. Do we have a factory image from which i can maybe extract the userdata and the cache images(Considering the boot image is the boot.img from within the update.zip?)? And how would i go about making these images? I really can't thank you enough if this works! :D Edit: I have the boot.img and the recovery.img but i don't have the userdata.img or the cache.img or the system.img, Once i have these images i will use the following commands to make it alright: fastboot flash userdata userdata.img fastboot flash cache cache.img fastboot flash boot boot.img fastboot flash system system.img fastboot flash recovery recovery.img Correct me if i'm wrong. EDIT: It's fixed now! I did the following things to fix it: 1.Boot into the droidboot screen to enable fastboot 2.fastboot erase userdata(It will most likely give you an error) 3.fastboot erase cache 4.fastboot erase system 5.fastboot erase boot 6.fastboot flash boot boot.img(This is the boot.img from within the update.zip) 7.fastboot flash update update.zip After this,it rebooted by itself. There was a flash of the Xolo logo and then the screen went blank. Adb access was there at this point. To make sure i did adb ls /system and all the folders were there. So now because the update.zip was the 299MB one,i used the HDMI method to do an OTA update and it's all sorted now. I will check the folders again to see if any memory is missing or has ocupied extra space. Thanks a lot guys! BlueMoonRising,that link you posted had the right flash/erase order,like i said,can't thank you enough! :D
  8. No,backup wont work. I had issues with adb,i sorted them and it started working again. This is what i come up with for the filesystem tree. So basically upon adb ls /system or adb ls /sdcard,i get nothing at all. It's like it's empty. And there is no /cache,hence the errors of it not being able to mount it.
  9. Looks like i bricked it or something. The problem according to google and xda is that my partition table is probably messed up. It isn't able to mount the /cache itself. Fastboot works,adb doesn't. The partitions are all messed up. After using fastboot to flash update.zip,the android with the gears(or something) turning shows up and then directly goes into recovery with the following messages- E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/command E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/log E:Can't open /cache/recovery/log E:Can't mount /cache/recovery/last_log E:Can't open /cache/recovery/last_log And a few more lines like this about /logs as well. Anybody has the slightest idea how to proceed from here?
  10. The tool says Device not found. :( Even if im into droidboot,it says the same.
  11. Looks like it hasn't worked. :( It's still stuck on the Xolo logo. I'll go into the recovery and install the update.zip from sdcard. I'm having serious issues now. It looks like the recovery is not able to mount the sdcard partition at all. Data wipe and cache wipe are still possible though. Any suggestions to flash stock ROM?
  12. Too late. Ended up with this error. I will try removing the erase data part and will try again. After removing the erase data part and after registering flash file again,i went ahead and flashed. After the fastboot continue command,it boots into the recovery where a bunch of errors pop saying it cannot mount/open some folders. I chose to reboot system. It's still showing the Xolo logo. Hopefully it boots up.
  13. :D Let's just be hopeful. I'm backing up using the flash tool itself but even though i unticked the shared storage/sdcard it still seems to be doing a backup of something called com.android.sharedstoragebackup and it's taking ages to complete. Almost 2 GB backed up now. Edit: I'm starting the flash now. It backed up sdcard also btw. Here's the image for the custom flash screen. I clicked the load file on the right and chose the flash.xml and arrived here.
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