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  1. Think I might be getting totally confused here, just looked at the sd-ext again and the app folder is also replicated on the phone under the /data folder. Also note under Folder properties that they are Linked to /sd-ext/app and davlik-cache respectively so am i correct in guessing that when I open /data/app with route explorer it is actually showung the contents of /sd-ext/app? If this is the case I'll have to look elsewhere to see why my internal memory is being used up. Don't think that will solve your problem unless you have a program like a2sdgui installed and have partitioned your sd card, in which case open a2sd and move the dalvic-cache to sd-ext. The dalvic-cache is needed for the programs to run correctly, if you delete it it will just rebuild itself during the next (long) reboot of your phone.
  2. Deleted both folders as you advised and rebooted. Sadly both folders reappeared, both the same size (101.52mb)
  3. Apologies if I sound stupid but should I delete the files with root explorer or via recovery program? Did try via clockwork recovery program previously and nothing seemed to happen.
  4. Hi have been using A2SdGui for some time now but recently I noticed my phone's internel memory was going down. On checking with root explorer I discovered that I had dalvik cache files on my phone and on my sd-ext partition both identical in size. I am presuming this is not correct but would like advise on how to correct the problem without causing any damage, have tried move and move and rebuild options on A2SdGui but just get the same result. Anyone come across this before?? Thanks
  5. Can't seem to make it work on my Gingerounay ROM.
  6. Just wondered if there was a replacement voice app for the robotic android offering that works on liquid metal. If so can anyone recommend one Thanks
  7. Sorry forgot to mention that my CWM recovery is v4.0.0.8
  8. Hi, Have just downloaded ROM Manager and am a bit concerned that it does not detect my CWM recovery program. Am a bit wary of installing a copy via Rom Manager - anyone have any experience / comments of RM with liquid metal?
  9. Even better cause I have just ordered a Class 6 Samsung microsd. Thanks :D
  10. Just wondered which class of SD card should be used when using a2sdgui. Reason is when booting up I often get blank SD card message and have to remove battery and reboot again before it loads in. Anyway will be replacing my SD card just in case and wanted to make sure I got the correct class (speed) card, without going mad and paying for something I don't need of course. Thanks
  11. POST EDITED 7/2/2012 Correction to instruction 6) amended passwrd to passwd - sorry about that :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) It works! SUCCESS Many thanks lpitt :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: For anyone else in my predicament (there will be many) I will summarise lpitt's excellent advisen - that worked for me. 1) Download ubuntu and install on a CD (following advise in the following link) http://www.ubuntu.co...ubuntu/download 2) Follow the TRY it instructions 3) If successful you should be on the Ubuntu desktop by now 4) Connect your phone and make ready for data and - Turn on USB storage on phone 5) Open the terminal program (The one from the CD not phone) 6) Type: sudo passwd ubuntu then follow the instructions to create a password (don't expect to see dots or anything as you type) 7) If successful you will be informed the password has been changed 8) Type: sudo nautilus a file manager should load ( In my case I got errors the first time) If so close the file manager window and retype: sudo nautilus 9) You should now have access to the partition on your SD card Many many thanks to lpitt .... and best of luck to vache in his attempts to get the clockworkmod recovery to back up and restore the partition which would make all the above unnecessary. I now have the piece of mind to know I have the tools necessary for a successful restoration of my phone should my sd card fail. Thanks lpitt for all your patience - Your a STAR!
  12. @vache Got the same result as Itpitt on both the new versions :( @Itpitt Tried to run sudo nautilus as suggested which reported "Nautilus could not create the required folder "root/.config/nautilus. Before running Nautilus please create the following folder, or set permissions such that Nautilus can create" :mellow: Probably a silly question but I notice that the permissions on the sd-ext folder are set at rwxrwx--x . Would changing them to rwxrwxrwx make any difference? Still stuck :(
  13. I'm using the ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso image running from cd Have to go out now but will give it a try on my return and let you know how I go on. Thanks again
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