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  1. First of all, thanks for the courage to admit your faults and failures and share your fears and disappointments... and for being on the hunt for a better solution (learning from what happened). Second, I don't even reach the newbie level but some things I know and one of them is that "there's no such thing as a perfect security". If you have a lock there'll always be a key (legit or not). Third, I just changed my PW without problems and I'm not worried. Why? - As always, I try to give the less info possible to any site I subscribe (MoDaCo included). So if anything was stolen... pitty, but no worries. - I don't repeat PWs. I use an algorithm of my own to create any PW so that every PW is different. These are my thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
  2. The reason why the original Recovery.img was smaller is that it was compiled as a program, so it has the size of the code it occupies. The reason why your backup Recovery.img has 5MB is because the /recovery partition is that size!!! When you call the Recovery on PowerUp, the program installed in your phone that runs is the Recovery itself, but this Recovery doesn't know it's own size. So when it does the backup, it backs up ALL the /recovery partition so it doesn't miss anything. And it does the same with the /boot partition. I don't know if I made myself clear...
  3. Ups. Sorry if I misunderstood you. So, you want to backup the "backuper"? ... /boot + /recovery + /system + /data + /cache? If that is what you want... then it's just what I told you before! ... and it's called a NANDROID! it's done by the Recovery and it does a self-backup. If it's not that... then I don't understand you. You'll have to be more precise on what you want.
  4. If you want to backup your ROM enter the Recovery > Backup & Restore > backup
  5. I play games using this ROM! Of course, the games I play must meet the performance of the phone. Don't expect to play racing games, because..... ... the Android version may be (almost) the latest, but the hardware is still a single core +/-600MHz CPU arm6; 512MB RAM! So.... the real answer for your question is: it depends on the game.
  6. This is a very good ROM, but 4.3.1 is better IMHO and a little bit faster.
  7. Are you kidding??? http://www.modaco.com/topic/365330-devrom2012-cyanogenmod-102-android-431/
  8. Maybe you SDcard is too slow!... or it may have problems. It's supposed to be a bit (very little) slower, because access to SDcard always slows down the Blade... but just a little bit. Try to reduce /sd-ext to about 1GB. What's your partition settings in the Blade and SDcard?
  9. I think 500MB is enough! Right now I have 170MB occupied of 294MB in internal /data and 185MB occupied of 1.79GB in external /sd-ext. So, it's about 45% to 55% balance. So there's no point in having too much /sd-ext.... but, "just in case" you can make a 1GB partition.
  10. I think Astro Filemanager won't do. You'll have to get access to /system partition. It's not in /sdcard. I use Root Explorer. But you can try this, I think it does the same: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jrummy.root.browserfree&hl=en-EN If you want to know what I mean: open the ROM.zip and explore it. You'll find a "system" folder, inside there's a "media", open it... voilá! About internal disk.... in our BLADE: You have a partition called "/system" of ???MB size (mine is 160MB) which is "Read Only". That's where the ROM & GApps will be installed. And you have "/data" partition - with the size of the memory left (mine 294MB) - which is where the Apps you install will be installed. Forget the "/cache" partition of about 2MB. The "/data" partition is the one you complain about being small!!!! What you can do is use a script to fool the OS and make some of the SDcard an "extension" of that /data partition. For that, you'll have to: 1. backup your SDcard 2. make 2 parttitions: 1st partition FAT32 2nd partition ext3 (don't use too much mem because it won't be able to use it) 3. restore your backup to FAT32 partition 4. Install a Apps2SDcard App (I use Mounts2SD) 5. run it and config 6. reboot Anyone else feel free to fill the gaps...
  11. You can extract it from this ROM. I quite sure it's not the latest but it will upgrade...
  12. Hello. Thanks for posting a 1st review. How are the cameras?
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