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  1. Good find! Well a direct conversion from that listed $179.90 works out around £111.... not too bad for a Quad-Core HD Tablet! ;)
  2. oh damn... these cheap Chinese phones are addictive! Just stumbled upon this site... http://www.achinasel...Smart-Phone.htm Do you think it can be trusted? :o If so, they're saying they are can ship the G3 for less than £110! If you order after the 15th of October that would rise to £175. If they accepted paypal I'd be tempted to take a gamble... EDIT: Just been Googling achinaseller.com and let's just say I wouldn't take the risk! ;)
  3. G2... pah! Screw that.... I'm gonna buy a Galaxy S4! U Jelly? :P http://www.fastcardtech.com/goods-7591-HDC-Galaxy-S4-I9400---47-Inch-Screen-MTK6575-20GHz-%28CPUGPU%29-5MP-Camera-Android-40-Phone.html but seriously... at least this kirf is ahead of the game by using softkeys!
  4. I know most people will say spend a little extra money to get a Nexus 7 or even Kindle Fire, but aside from those 2, what is currently considered to be the best budget 7" Android Tablet? There are seemingly hundreds of cheapo Chinese Android tablets, mostly of dubious quality, but many are increasingly shipping with recent builds of Andoid (ICS or even JB), and sometimes with specs that compete or even best the Nexus 7 and all at a cheaper price. Anybody have any opinion on the Ainol Novo 7 Flame/Fire (same product I gather)? Questionable company name aside, their flagship tablet appears to be great value. Advantages in it's favour over the N7 are expandable storage, HDMI out, and rear camera. After selecting the free UK Settings, adding the UK Plug option, and added airmail shipping the total comes to £110.75. In the comments someone said customs charge was £6.99 so that would still come in under £120. http://www.ainol-nov...tooth-16gb.html Are there any other tablets in that price range to consider? I'm looking for something with at least a dual-core processor, at least 16GB memory, and with a capacitive HD screen. I should state this is for a friend who is considering what tablet to buy as a gift, and if they can save £50 that does matter! I'm happy with my Nexus 7, but even I can see expandable storage etc would be handy!
  5. Presuming this to be true, I guess this means we are getting something closer to the AT&T Optimus G variant with the humpless 8mp cam, as opposed to the 13mp with hump Korean variant, which I might add comes with 32GB! :o http://www.engadget....g-att-hands-on/ Though having said that, it sounds like it may look different to the Optimus G. Awesome internals overall, but it really is a shame if 16GB is the max! Oh, and also presuming it's based on the Optimus G, that will hopefully mean we get the notification light also! :)
  6. OK, let's get to the really important question... what is the best way to play Angry Birds on this thing? Is there a 'show touches' (in developer options) mode that would work on a trackpad accessory? I'm thinking something like this? http://www.cloudsto.com/mk802-accessories/mini-wireless-keyboard-for-mk802-and-tablets-detail.html
  7. Very nice review Paul! It's interesting that every review of the One X/S I have read thus far have said similar things about the camera's image quality being disappointing (compared to what was expected!) and in particular the lack of detail, and oversaturation that you mention in your review.Hopefully these issues can be rectified in a future update! You mention that taking pictures during video recording doesn't effect video quality, but I noticed that in Vlad Savov's review of the One S in the Verge, he mentions that there is skipping in the resulting video at the parts where you have taken pictures - have you not found this to be the case on the One X? If not, maybe this is to do with the Tegra 3 Vs S4? Finally, as much as I agree with you about the SGS3 being the phone to watch, I do think it is inappropriate and unfair to actually list it as a negative to the One X itself!
  8. Nice! Would love this with the TweetDark theme..... looks so good on AMOLED screens ;)
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