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  1. Strange issues last night, after charging my battery I switched on and was greeted with the Android screen and it got as far as when you hear the little Android tones but would then proceed to repeat over and over and never moved on from that, the only way to stop it was to remove battery and attempt again but still the same issue existed. In the end after a search on here I did a Hard Reset and started from scratch with the phone, however since that my vibrate no longer works and it's definitely switched on in the settings, have tried it on alarm and everything. Could it be a hardware issue? I have only had the phone just over 2 weeks so it's under warranty. Not sure if related to the above or not but the "Shaking the screen" to move to next track in music has never worked either, neither has shaking the phone to snooze on the alarm?
  2. Thanks so much Frojd. Will report back once I have attempted it. I am sure that your step by step guide will help other Mac users with this phone. Thanks again.
  3. Sorry, really stupid when it comes to all this type of stuff and need a bit more help. At the moment I have my week old Acer Liquid Metal running 2.3.6 Gingerbread. Basically I only want to partition my phone as fed up with the "Low space" messages, what version of Android would I end up with if I followed above? Are there any simple instructions such as: 1. Download blah blah 2. Plug in USB blah blah Etc? I am really nervous about attempting this but feel I have to as phone is so restricted without partitioning for more space. Thanks for your time so far :)
  4. Many thanks for the reply, would I then follow this thread... Or does what you said above replace some/all of the instructions in that thread? Sorry, but am a complete newbie when it comes to rooting a phone.
  5. Having now got my 8GB Micro SD I was about to follow the instructions at the top of the board to root my Liquid Metal but notice that a few bits relate to it being done from a PC. Anyone on here successfully rooted from a Mac? I am running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 if that helps.
  6. OK, after toggling my apps I now have managed to install it and have done the change but it doesn't appear to have retrospectively changed my contacts, did it change all of yours Matt or will it only work on future contacts?
  7. Cheers Matt, just went to download it and guess what? "Insufficient Memory" Can't wait to root this thing as this 256MB internal memory is so restrictive, lets down such a superb phone.
  8. Yeah, I am another UK user of this phone who is finding those hyphens in the phone numbers distracting, would be good to revert them to look normal.
  9. Hi All, Got my Liquid metal last weekend which was my first Android/Smart phone so I am a complete newbie when it comes to "Rooting" and "Partitioning" etc and it's all a bit scary for me but I need to attempt it as the "Low on space" messages are driving me mad already. I have seen the stickied thread at the top there but am a bit unsure about it. Basically I have ordered an 8GB Micro SD and I would like to partition it if possible so that lots of it can count as Internal Memory, but after partitioning I would just like to keep default Gingerbread that I am using now as apart from the low space messages I have been really pleased with it. Is this possible? - Are there any instructions on just doing the partition part and would it invalidate my warranty with Acer if I attempted it? i.e Is number 11 from stickied thread optional or can you keep default Gingerbread? 11.) Download your custom ROM e.g. http://android.modac...final-tl-metal/ and copy and paste onto the SDCard
  10. OK, Just incase other Mac users come across this thread I have found a solution, if you download Bluetooth File Transfer (Free) from the Android app store you will find that it should pair fine with your Mac, odd that the standard default app doesn't though!
  11. Yep, the Mac can see it and Liquid Metal shows up in the list but then gives a message saying the device does not have the necessary services? Just to confirm the Bluetooth normally works fine, use it daily for my Magic mouse and also worked fine on my previous phone (Nokia E63).
  12. Hi All, New Liquid Metal user here, delighted with it so far, only slight niggles is the lack of free space on the internal memory and Bluetooth won't pair with my Mac. Just to confirm, bluetooth is definitely turned on both the phone and the mac. Anyone any ideas?
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