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  1. Thinking about it, what would be the point in one? Ignore that one :)
  2. Fantastic! What about a no clock mod too?
  3. Since I'm allowed to request modifications, I would like a center clock mod, please :) If it's possible, that is. If not, keep up the fantastic work!
  4. Sure enough, that worked! Thanks, Paul.
  5. I did indeed. Disabling now & rebooting.
  6. I seem to be having issues too... Installed the Xposed framework as per your instructions, installed the MoDaCo Toolkit, enabled the module, enabled the options I needed then rebooted. None of the options I selected got enabled. I did a test and installed one of the seperate modifications you provided, and that worked fine. I've also reinstalled the framework, still the same for the Toolkit
  7. Liverpool are on fire tonight!

  8. Whats to mention here is that the reviewer for The Verge only had less than 42 hours with the device, which is no way to judge a battery. It needs to calibrate properly with a proper charge cycle. Might take Paul a few days to get good indication of battery.
  9. Do you think the Black version will be more prone to scratching than the silver/white version? I know its anodized, just wanted your opinion now you have one.
  10. Introduction Hello everybody! My name is Nitroz. Some of you may know me from the Galaxy SII forum, I sort of got my "fame" for porting the Black Android Theme by Pele. The theme got about 60,000 downloads and 100,000 page views and counting! But I decided to move onto an AOSP phone and start creating my own themes since I have gained the experience to do so. So welcome! If you're looking for a Black, Minimalistic theme for your Galaxy Nexus then this is the thread for you So, Why Were You Banned? I get asked this question alot. More than you think. So I made a Google+ post about it to explain what happened and why I server a 3 month ban. If you want to dis me in anyway, PM me about it and don't express your feelings in the thread. Don't rate the thread 1 star because you think I deserve it from the past. I've learn from my mistakes, I learnt how to theme myself.Read this post on Google+ It explains everything - https://plus.google.com/111892819495...ts/8WubQWiFUSH What is Black Exodus? Well, when I first got my Galaxy Nexus one thing stood out to me which I didn't like. The color scheme of Ice Cream Sandwich. Its a very dull Blue color which I didn't tend to like for the most part, plus the dialer backgrounds were, in a way, fugly. So I decided to take on the task of making the style as minimalistic as possible with a nice Black & White design instead of Blue. This is what Black Exodus is, a nice, Black & White simplistic color scheme. Maintaining the ICS look, but with a White color instead of Blue Show Us the Honey *NEW* http://minus.com/mAFt1fQ4J Downloads Section! Build 9.1 (New Version): MCR IR12 - BlackExodus_Build9.1_MaguroToro_MCRIR12.zip GummyNex 0.8.2 (Maguro) - BlackExodus_Build9.1_Maguro_GummyNex0.8.2.zip AOKP M4 - BlackExodus_Build9.1_MaguroToro_AOKPM4.zip Build 8 (Old Version) AOKP B27 - BlackExodus_B8.1_magurotoro_AOKPB27.zip GummyNex 0.8.1 (Maguro) - BlackExodus_B8_maguro_GummyNex0.8.0.zip AXI0M CrossBreed T1 - BlackExodus_B8_toro_AXI0M_CROSSBREED_T1.zip Can I Donate to You? Of course, click here How Do I Follow Your Work? Google+ - http://gplus.to/NitrozK Twitter - http://twitter.com/NitrozK Website - http://nitroz.org Credits Hooolm - Website & Framework Help Sonny - Help with Framework evilkal - Circle Battery MoDaCo/Paul - For letting me post this boshot - Donation viskas - Donation Kalavere - Donation TP - The majority of the invert GApp pencil3maker - Transparent GenieWidget Artvandelay - Inverted Dropox/Calendar MelissaPugs - Bootanimation
  11. I bought the 2300 mAh version of this battery. Haven't really had time to test yet but seems okay
  12. Release 2 has been added to the OP. New screenshots added. Enjoy peeps.
  13. I thought I was the only one for a second there. Thanks! :D I've notified PocketNow of this so I can get this thread out to people who have the same problem. It will be a software related issue, it can't be hardware as it physicaly charges up to 100% fine.
  14. Hi All, Just so people don't start moaning, this ISN'T related to the Battery draining problem I originally posted a week or so back. My battery issues are fixed thanks to the wonderful devs who made Juice Defender. Anyways, back on topic. I've noticed ever since I've gotten my GNexus that the battery never fully charges to 100% without me unplugging it and plugging it back in again to FORCE it to charge to 100%. I've tried the usual battery calibration trick and I have also tried an app on the market that is supposed to work. I then tried wiping and putting the stock ROM back on, but to no avail. Wiping batter stats via CWM comes up with the same as well. My battery is capable of charging to 100% but its only if I unplug it from charging and them plug it back in again. I've tried charging via USB and via the wall charger both with the same results. My question is, are you guys having these issues? Is there anyway of fixing this that I haven't already tried?
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