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  1. Your zip works perfect, I only find one big bug, the notification led doesn't turn off
  2. It is easy, for downgrading from stock 5.0.2 flash 4.4.4 Firmware vía bootloader, never flash 4.4.2 firmware.
  3. No, apart from that nothing remarkable, perhaps, was that I was changing several times before rom, I had trouble installing the official CM12 from stock (bootloop), so first install CM11, then installed CM12 and then go to yours, but I did the format system and wipes. I'll try formatting again I opened a thread in a community in Spain (Htcmania). Of course every time I stress that the ROM and all the work is yours and add a link to this thread
  4. Clean install, i'm on KK bootloader Changelog attached AudioFX.txt
  5. Hi Konsta, To me has shown me several FC Audio FX application, the problem is that randomly appear. The second "strange" thing is that when you boot the rom the background is black and the screen seems that is not set, this does not occur in the official CM12
  6. Good to see you here, I hope to see soon one of your roms !!! :)
  7. We will be watching on, I live in Spain but my Moto G comes from UK, thanks for the info
  8. I am not a developer but I think our released sources for Moto G (In my case, I get home on Monday xD) http://sourceforge.net/projects/motog.motorola/files/
  9. This is a software created by d0rkye we make life simple, serves to patch roms for bootloader unlocked, and make them work (at their level) in locked bootloader. The program integrates patch Atis112 ---------------------------------------------------- Original thread here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2196537 Downloads: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1158489/integrator/Integrator.7z Mirror ---------------------------------------------------- X86: for 32 bits X64: for 64 bits ----------------------------------------------------
  10. It's just what happens in my Xperia U, the app scans stations, but then no sound and I guess, not much to stay freexperia solve it, so I thought that, following their progress, they could extract some who can help. Haha, I think mine with CM and radio, is a curse, sorry for my English xD
  11. That's what you say, but a lot of people still on CM7, just for that, it seems to me an important part now that most problems were resolved.
  12. The team freeXperia, implemented in their roms Fmradioreceiver perhaps could help with anything, I think in some xperia ancient run was achieved.
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