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  1. a.tiger

    ClockworkMod v5 for the ZTE Skate

    after kernel update terminal emulator flashing it worked thankz tilal6991
  2. a.tiger

    ClockworkMod v5 for the ZTE Skate

    buttons not working for me , used terminal, cwm and flashed from windoof 7 .. also direct full boot see , post 8, did not work for me i use atomicrom 4 . thanks tilal6991
  3. Happy New Year to all of you! Just installed the v3.0 rom. I had a problems to install this always fault 7 .. I used the Orange original micro Sccard. 2GB .. Unpacked "200sys-35cache-skate-tpt.zip" tpt file to the card checked Md5 . and installed the Rom . The best is the Go Luncher. A very Big Thanks to Tillaz for the afford. and happy new year to Tillaz and all of you Witch Kitchen you used to create your roms?
  4. Hi all I bought my 3 days ago and i am happy with it. I had a HD2 for 2,5 years and dropped it twice in one week maybe from to much coffee drinking or god want to see me with a OMC I did not bother to take a look on the orange software. best regards Rom: CyanoStaraddict_(android_2.3.7) best rom for me

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