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  1. Hi! I havent tryed 15/4 build yet, but in 14/4 Build i had also APN problem but that was not the big problem for me. The system worked wery nice etc etc, i have now new CM7,2 nightly becuse 14/4 build was using Data som how. i have 500mb each month that i can use free, and over a night it was using 300mb data. i have same app that i have used latest year. no changes in apps or config. it was only this 14/4 build that used all my data. when i looked on data use it says " Android OS system" used all data.. any1 else got this also? if ppl verify that 15/4 build dont have this then i gonna install it, i do love this Rom =) Keep up the work Sej and Tilial =)
  2. Hi. I used Root Browser and put it there and also i changed permissions to rw-r-r on bladeparts.apk and then i rebooted and i got dev tools and zte blade settings. and calibrated and worked like a charm =) hope this helps you!
  3. Not this one.. We are waiting for next update that mabye can fit into 160Mb Partion, we have to w8 untill he get up the new update that he said would be up today, =))
  4. Hello Victor. I have tryed alote of these KANGS but i must say the moste stable and best IMO is Its burstlam version =) 1 page back and u see hes post. =)
  5. Do BurgerZ relese have Swedish langue yet? I have no problem with Eng but i do like to have Swe if Possible =)
  6. Terve KonstaT! =) Just for fun i wanted to test bootsound, but how can i copy file to ui folder? i place a soundfile on sdcard then i go in filemanager and copy that soundfile and try to paste in system/media/audio, but i cant paste it there,, it says "cant paste in systemfile" or somthing like that! and the ui folder i cant see when i have a copy file. but if i go in to that folder whitout any copyied file i can se all files and folders. if u need to know any more i upgraded from SS RLS1 to SS RLS 2, with only wipe cache and dalvik.. not data. if its necessary to know =) Best regards
  7. Hello again,, i did not have any issue with MMHMP rls8 and 9 ,, but i can try reinstall from scratch see if its help. =) i post if it worked in a moment! Update:! I did now a full reinstall of phone full wipe reinstalled apps etc etc. still i get same error when i try manually synk contackt. i try to edit contack and press join and in that moment i get error same as before. So i have no idea whats wrong atm =)
  8. Hello and thanx for a great rom, i have only 1 small problem i dont know if any1 else have that , i use Facebook and synk my friends in phone but i cant manually synk contackt i get "Process android.process.acore" have error! try again , i did full wipe when i installed swedish Snow. but thanx again for nice stable rom i used MMHMP before this one =) Best Regards
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