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  1. stevenixon

    [expired] Snag yourself over £27 of FREE Amazon Coins

    @nibblemonkey so you just picked pay with coins? And it only took 299 of them?
  2. stevenixon

    [expired] Snag yourself over £27 of FREE Amazon Coins

    On the last stage (Buy (using the £2 credit and a few of your newly earned coins),) is this possible? I can buy using coins (499) or I can buy with 1-click (which I'm sure will use the £2 credit) but I can't see a way to do part and part.
  3. stevenixon

    Reviewed: The Proporta Power Wallet Bundle

    OK, I got one of these based off your recommendation, and agree the wallet is nice, the battery pack great, the whole thing very professional. However, I have a question; where do you keep the battery? I couldn't get it into any of the internal card slots, the 2 large back pockets didn't seem to accept if nicely either. I've taken to holding it in the centre temporarily, but that's no good either (it falls out if I open the wallet in a hurry). Am I just not pushing hard enough, or am I missing a trick?
  4. stevenixon

    BBC iPlayer on the N7?

    I can confirm that side loading both flash and the iplayer apks works perfectly. The app behaves like the phone version (proper app) instead of dumping you out to the website.
  5. Test post. Which account will post?? Exciting. *for me anyway* *please ignore*

  6. Scoble saying what I'm tired of saying... http://t.co/UCzdnkCM

  7. Just completed a 1.54 mi run - Better. Music ftw! Swimming tomorrow. . http://t.co/uIhsujGI #RunKeeper

  8. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Joe Satriani (12), Coldplay (1) & The Police (1) http://t.co/Nhdhy8GI

  9. A little something I posted on G+ that lets you get the iplayer app working on a Galaxy Nexus: https://t.co/5v7DYyPQ (cc @paulobrien)

  10. So the guys in white were denied. Apparently. Or so this pub of supporters thinks. #rugby

  11. Yesterday I picked up my daughter after school and went to play mini golf. Today, fun at the park. #mildweather

  12. OK, who broke February? http://t.co/au4wUaaN 18 degrees and sunny!

  13. “@bigshowfactoids: The average person eats 35000 biscuits during their lifetime” << @lauranixon is eating that this pregnancy!! ;-p

  14. Just completed a 1.55 mi run - 3 in 3 = 1 2 many! Time to take up mid-week swimming! . http://t.co/pDtcyZFv #RunKeeper

  15. I have it on good authority (a five yr old connoisseur) that *I* make the *best* pancakes in the *whole world*!


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