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  1. How can you be tired of answering that if you only have 19 posts? Come on, relax! Lets take it easly, there is no need to be agressive.
  2. found it! http://mycolorscreen.com/2012/12/19/vintage-10/
  3. Butcher55. Nice screen. Can you share your configs. Wallpaper, how you change the notification bar... Thanks.
  4. After a long setting changes, tweaks and hacks, not really sure how, but for now MMS are working quite well. I need to have 3G on. Since I have a internet plan, I don't mind having 3G always on, but, does it drains to much battery? If that doesn't kill my battery, its ok as it is. I need to do more tests, I will update latter. Thanks to all.
  5. Thanks for your support, but sill no luck. But since ICS i couldn't receive / send MMS.
  6. Hi all, I still have the MMS problem, can't download it! :( No one else have the same problem with MMS? Don't know what to do more. Thanks for you help!
  7. For now I still have the same problem from ICS version, no MMS. Any idea how to fix it? I can't send or receive MMS and APN is well configured. thanks.
  8. Hi, does this ROM is faster than ICS ROM? For day use, is this better than ICS? Thanks! PS. Don't just say, "install it and try". I'm doing it, I just want your opinion.
  9. I can not send MMS, can some one help me? I have access point well configurated. Thanks!
  10. Hi! First, thansk from your amazing work, I follow your work for a long time. Does on this ROM: -VOLUME UP key works as shutter button in camera app. Pressing the key focuses and releasing the key takes the photo. VOLUME UP key also starts/stops recording in camcorder. That was a great feature on Swedish Snow. Thanks!
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