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  1. No, I understood you fine. These are the links for V2 rom found in this later post: http://www.modaco.com/topic/366515-romessex-v242cm10114112013/ Read that post to see improvements compared to this V1. Better in every way :) and V1 links were deleted.
  2. Sorry, both links are the new V2, top link is the smaller, less apps one.
  3. Sorry, was way busy with all sorts of stuff :( here is the new links :) http://www.4shared.com/zip/HFtCRGJn/ESSEX_V2_diet.html http://www.4shared.com/zip/5Sc5oSAg/ESSEX_V2_fullfat.html Hope these are good for you all :) All comments WILL be answered now :)
  4. robneymcplum

    I dropped my OMC into water

    Ah... yeah, you've probably ruined it now. :(
  5. I use viper audio on my skate, which is much more programmable for me, because Im aware the way I like my music wont be the same as other people. So beats and dolby although are excellent, arent customisable enough for me. Give it a try and see what you think. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2191223
  6. robneymcplum

    I dropped my OMC into water

    best thing then is to hope that surge of power from you pressing the button did nothing, I dropped mine into a pint of beer with no back on or battery in, was dripping wet. Box of rice in my airing cupboard for a week without touching it, still working fine now :)
  7. robneymcplum

    I dropped my OMC into water

    firstly, hope you havent shorted it by pressing the power button. Secondly, if youve not, then leave it in the box/bag of rice for a week. Dont test it in that time, it may not need a week but do it anyway to be sure, as trying before its 100% dry WILL DEFINETELY destroy your phone.
  8. I dont have an ext partition, just use link2sd and they save to my sd card anyway, thats what I have on my rom which is why it wouldnt work with your sd card.
  9. robneymcplum

    A Question

    tvcatchup will allow you to watch live UK TV, as for streaming, Im not sure. A few sites I use online to watch series etc wont stream on the skate, I assume its a flash issue. I know some have with dolphin browser and flash installed.
  10. robneymcplum

    [ROM][JB 4.3] Jenkins CM10.2 build

    Does anyone else have an issue with the home button? Basically it not working at all? Yet working in CWM fine?
  11. robneymcplum

    Trying to delete system ringtones - failing

    Have you tried a different file manager? And are you sure you're rooted?
  12. That sounds also like the rom didnt install properly, root checker always flew through when I used it. RE the battery light: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rageconsulting.android.lightflowlite&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5yYWdlY29uc3VsdGluZy5hbmRyb2lkLmxpZ2h0Zmxvd2xpdGUiXQ.. if the rom hasnt got it built in, the free version of this works fine.
  13. robneymcplum

    Trying to delete system ringtones - failing

    I have never used fx, but I use ES file explorer, go to system and just delete them, no issue. And that was on that rom at one point. So I assume its a problem with the file manager.
  14. Joth: you can install either, but after you have clean installed the rom. So there shouldn't be ANY gapps already installed.
  15. I've re linked the rom in my post, top of of this page ^ ^ ^

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