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  1. Ok, Any idea what size partition CM 03/29 + C3C0 stripped gapps will need ? Do I need multi DPI ? Has anyone got any idea if TPT helper will work with this ROM ? Cheers.. :)
  2. Handy to know :) Any chance of a link to them ? Thanks.
  3. Ok, so change ROMs to be able to use TPT helper ? Is that the best solution or is there some other way to TPT ?
  4. At the moment I have: System 200 Data 238 Cache 2 The 0601 release is using 166mb of the 200mb system space, I hoped to set the system space to 170mb giving and additional 30mb for data. Why would I have to switch ROMs ?
  5. At the risk of asking what might be an already asked question - I can't get TPT to work with the current ROM. Should I use CWM 4014 or 4015 and what's the difference ? Everytime I try I get "Failed to download Skate-TPT-base.zip" Is there some way to partition without using TPT (I realise I should know the answer but my memory is old and knackered) ? TIA. :)
  6. It's working ok for me - what are the major flaws ?
  7. Has everyone moved to a different ROM/thread ??
  8. Hi, Is this ROM ongoing or abandoned ? Thanks.
  9. First, I'd like to think that there is a quiet majority (like me) who are grateful for your efforts. Secondly, I can't believe people on here are intentionally that rude or ungrateful and I sincerely hope it's a translation issue. Thirdly, ETAs - People, it's not Extra-Terrestrial Activity - It is however, ESTIMATED Time of Arrival. Please note the 'ESTIMATED'. Finally, what's the hurry folks ?? Just be patient and wait. :)
  10. Maybe screen brightness is at zero ? Or perhaps it's the proximity sensor ?
  11. I've just installed the ROM and Gapps - according to the Partition info in 'about phone' it's taking up 166 mb, It might be worth setting the partition to 170 mb.

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