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  1. No 3g problem. My phone reboot!!!!!! When i'm on 3g, when i'm not on 3g, and now i have play store fc
  2. Very good rom but i have too much random reboots
  3. Thank you for this fantastic rom & for your hard work. Good luck with your new phone!
  4. Anyone have system ui crash? When i'm on stock ui (in hybrid settings) i have system ui fc, but when i'm on phablet ui all works fine. Is there a fix? Thanks in advance
  5. I'm on v5.0. Can i flash v6.0 without wipes?
  6. Yes yes, installed again now all seems to be work fine.
  7. Ok, i try to reinstall again, led notifica tion work for me
  8. Yes, always distorted and too loud.....i have problem with airplane mod, wi-fi crash and touchscreen sometimes is crazy. But this rom has got a lot of customizations, hope it will be fix soon :)
  9. Sorry for another question, there's expectation for 800x480 video recording? Thank you :)
  10. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2259228 This is a thread from XDA, works fine on our g300.10000000 thanks to the authors of these mods. I've tried launcher (hdpi) and weather widget. Everything seems to be ok. In S-Voice i have network error and FC in settings. Perhaps we must wait a cracked version.

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