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  1. Hi. Just recently my G6 plus running stock Android 9 has started displaying a dialog box, full screen within the phone dialler. When dialling a number a pop-up says searching, if I end the call the screen displays the "private number" instead of going back to the dialler. On closing the screen the dialler is there. Any idea what's going on?
  2. Mmmmh! Tumbleweed drifting across here but here goes! Does anyone have info on knox? I've just taken delivery of an S5, I usually root my phone but have waited because there has been a lot on knox voiding warranty. (Not that it matters really) There doesn't seem to be much info about now that I can find but I have read that it's not installed on Samsung devices now, is that correct? I can't find it on my phone but just wondering if it's there but not advertised. :D
  3. Probably you have this sorted now but my SD card pushes in without a click, works OK.
  4. I was moving some files on my phone using myphonexplorer and noticed it reports 2 storage locations, external storage and memory card. Folders appear to be duplicates except for contents of some, e.g. camera. I haven't been able to get a W8 driver (It's a Chinese phone, Doogee DG2014) so can't check it in explorer. Are there 2 separate locations?
  5. Still having trouble with hudl usb connection on windows 7. In windows sometimes the hudl is recognised, sometimes not. That is, I can access the sd card for a while then can't read or write to it. Device manager shows yellow mark so when I install either the google usb driver or the rktools one windows says it can't find a compatible driver. I'm pointing to an .inf file which i assume is correct. Any ideas? :wacko:
  6. Sorry about that! The tesco icon doesn't bother me at the moment, I am happy enough to get rid of bloatware. Hopefully there will be a nice new shiny rom shortly!
  7. I got rid of the Tesco T and replaced it with the first letter of my name! :D
  8. Easy when you know how! :D Thanks very much.
  9. Thanks for that, I'll have a look at foldermount. I think there may be a problem withe the hudl recognising the card. Using root explorer, when I click on sd card it shows internal storage, I can't see anything on the card. This is a new card and I added a load of ebooks to see if I could access them but nothing shows. Long press on storage shows card is read only do you want to set read/write but when I do still nothing. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. I recently rooted my Hudl and all appears well. Just noticed however that certain apps e.g. kindle don't store books on the sd card, nor does the camera store images there. On my android phone this happened automatically, or maybe a one-time pop up where do you want to store etc. How do I make the Hudl use the sd card? Card seems OK, I can write to it from pc. Just before posting this I took the card out and re-seated it and the Hudl is now showing these folders in the sd card (using root explorer) but if i look at it on pc Windows file manager says they are in internal memory and shows only 2 folders in the sd card, data and lost.dir, data folder just has 1 file relating to titanium backup.
  11. Thanks. Changed card, re-flashed and all seems OK. Thankfully I had titanium backup! :D
  12. Have been running my blade 2 for about 2 years now, got it from Orange and flashed a couple of roms and am currently on fish n chips rls7. Recently had a few problems, can receive calls but not dial, error is process dialler not working, force shutdown, same with texts. Also, huge battery drain, from 100% to connect your charger in an hour, sometimes 20 minutes! Google search suggested the sd card is corrupt and sure enough windows can't see it. I dual boot ubuntu and can see the files but can't get them all off, get a copy error, so something not right. So, I think I need to try another card but am not sure how to proceed. Should I flash the rom again? try a new card? both? If I slot in a new card willI I still have recovery?
  13. I have recovery installed already, just wondering if I flash a new rom will it remove cwm?
  14. Having problems with the play store so I am going to flash fnc to see if that fixes it. Does fnc install clockwork recovery?
  15. Yes, i was thinking of installing fish n chips anyway, just to see. I'm not particularly savvy with flashing roms, I follow the instructions on the forums, so I just want to check - I have clockwork mod so if I change roms will clockwork be available on the new rom? I think the problem must have arose from something i installed since it worked for over a year. However, although I re-flashed my original rom the problem was still there so it must be something else. I did read somewhere about a port 5580 that android uses so i fixed that in the forewall but it made no difference.
  16. No, still not working. I had installed the google driver and a crescent initially and now the link you gave me but still no adb, same error device not found.. Path variables appear to be ok so I think it's the driver.
  17. I did flash the rom again after wiping everything but it was the same problem so I just restored my backup. I used an image from flibblesan that installed recovery. Not sure why adb wouldn't work, I'm using windows 7 and I think it was something to do with the drivers. I've just bought a Raspberry Pi, it runs a version of debian. Could I run adb there?
  18. Just over 27 mb. I never could get adb to work and I don't have a logcat app installed.
  19. Have been using my sf2 for over a year now with no problems, running bouncer5's rom. Recently i have been getting an error 406 from google play store, I can't install any apps. I have tried all the suggested fixes, clearing cache/data, deleting the apk etc. but nothing works. I get the same error trying to install an apk from the sd card. I reflashed the rom and am still getting the same error. :unsure:
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