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  1. Hi, I know a few people complain about Phone Back Covers being a bit flimsy & Creaky. Most phones can be fixed by- Cut an inch or so of self adhesive Velcro (The Furry Part) and apply to the inside of the Battery Cover above the Battery and re-fit said Cover. This works on my Monte. Hope this Helps. Carl
  2. Hi Ian, Feel for u mate as i am in very similar position ie, unlocked,Rooted, crecent rom,everything works BUT no wifi mac address. On the Monte i edited a text file but no luck on this one; i have the original address as i made a note of it. If you find the solution give us a shout please. carl
  3. Hi know what you mean, Its the little things like; remove the Battery. ok do you leave it out or put it back in when you plug in the USB for instance. In the end i left it out on the second attempt. Carl
  4. Hi, Yes i was going to do the Guide, BUT, no MAC address on phone at moment. Hence need the Root requested to Verify everything works! (It did on my Skate) Carl Edit due to- sorry Urandomsam, dont have a clue what you are on about! I know on my skate all i did was run a Pre-Rooted Rom and edit one Text File and away i went; unlocked,working Wifi. The File was-update- OUK_P743TV1.0.0B05-skate-unsigned.zip NOT FOR USE WITH O.S.F which some one here uploaded
  5. Hi all, I now have an unlocked working phone apart from Wifi. You have to understand that regarding Phones I am totaly and utterly Clueless; at the age of 57 all the acronyms mean nothing to me. Therefore what I am requesting is - A Rooted Standard Update img file that I can put on the SD card and load via Settings/Update option available on the fully booted Phone (Or an Unbranded WORKING KEYBOARD ). By the way, do you put a zip file or an img file in the img folder. Also which is the Text File you edit; is it nv_4319.txt ? This will enable me to install Root Explorer and change my pre-noted MAC Address. In return I will Post a complete Numpty Guide as to how to Unlock the SF2 for those who struggle and just want a working Phone that they can use with their own Operator SIM. Thanks in Advance, Carl
  6. Hi, Going to try a SanFran2 Wednesday as I like the look more and I see they both have a front Camera. Have an Ulocked Monte (thanks to you Guys) but find it a bit of a handfull size wise. Also, cant think why, but comparing the spec from both Providers the SF has slightly better Battery life than the V. Carl
  7. Hi from a new member! First thank you so much for all your help with unlocking OMC and Rooting etc. From the threads that I have read ; a lot of people, including myself get into a right old mess along the way because we dont have a clue about this sort of thing and probably never will. We leave it to guys like you and reap the benefits off a freed Device. What I found to be of great help when I almost Bricked the Monte was that; some kind person uploaded a Standard Orange Rom Image Pre-Rooted so all I needed to do was Upgrade using the System option in Android and change my pre-noted WiFi address and away you go. One less Major Hurdle to Overcome as I was in a BootLoop. Hope this helps and look forward to a step by step jargon free Tutorial. Thanks for reading, Carl

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