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  1. Yes, I had the same issue when i tried to upgrade manual my phone from 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 . but it worked well with OTA without any issue.
  2. you might need to modify your wireless to work , have a look on below link. http://www.getandroidfree.com/android-tips/how-to-resolve-wi-fi-issue-with-android-phone/
  3. Can you try with WinRaR ? ... I have installed this application on both windows XP and 7, It is working fine. It should work. - R2K4NeT
  4. Have you not read the Full steps ? refer the site ztecrescent.blogspot.com -- Yes you need to go to FTM Mode first and then connect it to the computer. -- R2K4Net
  5. I hope you have not used the correct file, even I had a same problem when I did first time. I was trying all the methods to go to FTM. but it did not help. But when I used the correct file, I got into FTM in first try itself. do not get panic... follow the steps from ztecrescent.blogspot.com site. It has correct file and easy step by step guide. -- R2K4Net
  6. Now Got a step by step guide, every one can unlock the Phone without any experience. I have done on my own and this is my first android phone. Refer the site - http://ztecrescent.blogspot.com Refer the Link on how to use the QPST for Configuration backup - http://androidtipsfo...using-qpst.html -- R2K4Net
  7. Thanks Sam, I have installed the OSF II official ROM ( OUK_P736VV1.0.0B11-update_signed.zip ) from CWM Recovery mode. Now my phone is with all OSF II Application and it is unlocked & working fine with other Network :) . Thanks to all R2K
  8. Hi friends, I think my OSF-II got in to trouble :( , after I complete the process, my phone goes to CWM-based Recovery V4.0.1.5 menu. did i miss any steps and how to come out of this ? Please advice Thanks a Lot R2K
  9. Hi friends, I am new to android phone. i have got the OSF II today and i have read all the steps on how to unlock. I am ok with all the steps, how ever i could not understand the debranding option. does this required for unlocking SF 2 ? if yes, when do i need to perform, before the unlock or after the unlock. can some one advice me plz ? Thanks a lot R2K

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