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  1. How did you brick it? It can be revived. To access fast boot menu:- 1.Shutdown 2.Press and hold Vol up and down both and then press and hold power button. 3.Let the XOLO logo appear and then after approx 5-7s release power button while still holding on vol up and down. 4.Fast boot menu will appear :D
  2. sorry for the late reply reply. Yes you need to enable transparency from transparency management. In case of force close, did you enable gravity box control in xposed? Yea, i havent tried deodexing yet. Will let you know once i do it. If you happen to do it, do share :D
  3. I Agree. this is not a right place to post. Will request Admin to create a new section for xolo x1000. Till then pls cooperate
  4. @xolo x900_2 I dont have the link. But i can tell you how it was done: 1.I install Xposed Framework from here. 2.Install gravityBox module. 3.Download Google experience launcher and other goodies from kitkat from here. And thats it!!
  5. Wao!! Just Got KITKAI UI on X1000. Looks awesome Heres a screenshot:- Rooting really rocks :D
  6. XOLO X1000 was believed to be root protected. Not anymore, follow the below steps to get it rooted. As far as i know its the only rooting method available, so if anyone has knowledge of other rooting method pls share as it might help in further development. ROOT INSTRUCTIONS!! Pre-requsite 1.Install proper drivers from here "drive.google.com/uc?id=0B6xlBPoXgsR3QVZqVGJQbVRBSGc" 2.Download suitable version of CYDIA IMPACTOR FROM www.cydiaimpactor.com Steps to ROOT 1.Connect X1000 in USB DEBUGGING MODE(Note: Drivers need to be properly installed) 2.Run Impactor.exe from the cydia impactor zip u downloaded 3.By default you will see "# drop SuperSU su to /system/xbin/su"(If not select it from the drop-down menu), click start and let it complete its process. 4.Reboot and you are done In case of any discrepancy fell free to ask
  7. There seems a way!! Read- http://androidxda.com/download-xolo-stock-rom-models But i havent tried it. And a post mentioned that the stock firmware for x1000 is wrong too
  9. Just tried rooting by Bin4ry's method. Didnt work as expected!! Anyways, any updates on rooting methods?
  10. im using x1000 too.. I know its a bit late but i found link to stockrom - https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B6xlBPoXgsR3TXNBNDd2aHRTdUk ​And did you figure out how to unlock bootloader? and root ofcorse?
  11. Hey my market is not updating on cmb2.. i even installed from apk but installation fails... in earlier versions beta 3,cmb1 i updated it with apk ...but this time some prob Help!!
  12. Hi all ... i have a bluetooth handsfree... i can make calls over it.... but Can anyone tell how do i play Media over it(Music).... I used to do this on galaxy s.. Or if there is any app for it???
  13. Hey even dou i have selected "Lock home in memory" ..... it restarts every time i switch app n come home.... so HOW DO I ACTUALLY LOCK D LAUNCHER IN MA MEMORY??? im using go launcher ex as default ...... but i also have awd n launcher pro .... many peopl r facing this prob!!!! n may be earlier also it was mentioned by someone..... but nt answered!!!!!
  14. hey why dont u try backing upp ur launcher settings... you can backup ur apps n der data by titanium backup!!!!
  15. <br /><br /><br /> Mmmmm.... sorry but i applied d fix but doesnt work..... it seems you are also from india... can u pls tell what to do....??? Which fix to apply.. ??? SOrY I SHOULD NOT POST DIS HERE !! but gps post is inactive n no ones replyn der
  16. Does dis work for stock firmware( which came frm samsung) ie i hv neva flashed before... i hv wnmo 6.5 .... if anythin else needed pls tell.. in above post i also red i ned to change phone to jx1....how do i do it?... new to all dis... sry
  17. hey i installed skin+livewallpaper update.... update 3 on beta 3....... after that my omnia doesnt proceed after boot screen// what to do?
  18. and what about my external sd..... will it be also there ... i.e. will my music player also detect files from external sd.. ???
  19. sorry but i expected solution not at app level...... as we mounted sdcard to /storage which the music player doesnt detect....... i wanted some trick so that we could mount it to some folder which music player would detect........ My mistake....my lang wasnt clear.......... hope now its clear and you give me a proper solution.......
  20. My beta 3 doesnt read any music from /storage folder ( ie the partition we created as sdcard).... My SD is full and has no space .... i need my player to read music from that folder . :'( :( PLS HELP!!!!!!
  21. ok theres another way.... just go to file explorer in android and check if you can see the files stored in my storage under /storage...... if you see it then repet the earlier procedure it should work..... if not you will have to either copy those files manually from ubuntu to your system partition or else you can make my storage appear in /storage and then do the normal method....... tell me which way u want ill describe it in next post.......
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