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  1. Hi everyone, the problem of mobile data is the source of kernel drivers, right? Importing them from the gb kernel sources could solve the problem?
  2. To install you have done like a guide? (full wipe - restore stock rom - install AzurMetal)? Explain yourself better, I can not understand what your problem.
  3. In fact, it says in the instructions on the app: install the game, disable the fix and restart. (it is not "desire s mode" is only a change to the build.prop). :D
  4. Sorry guys, but lately I had little time. I update the rom now. See the first post. :D
  5. AzurMetal3 is at 99% (tomorrow will make available for download). The most important changes are updates of some apps and full holo styling. follow me on twitter :D .
  6. at this point I think I will do a test (for cm10), but I guarantee nothing. Give me a week. (I have a bad feeling about this :D )
  7. for same problem of the CM9, if it work perfectly then the same kernel source will used to building a CM10.
  8. I not found any solution for known problems (camera and mobile data). When i will find a method to solve these problems then i work on CM9 for the Metal (and when I have free time :D).
  9. see this http://android.appst...ger-on-any-rom/ @for all hi guys! I will make a new version of AzurMetal. What new features? i think to make: replace nemus launcher with new ADW resolve text to speech problem resolve some bug remove not important apps OTHER? (any suggestions?)
  10. @Lens This morning I launched "repo sync" :D In a few hours should end. To compile use your device tree? @For All I saw that you have offered in many :) If someone if he feels could also try to compile ICS.
  11. Ok, I'll try. Which branch use? pass directly to JB or use ics_chocolate?
  12. Do not get distracted in vain pursuits (there is no chance with "similar" :D ). The CM9 is complete (not needed any porting), as I said, we have only 2 problems to solve (mobile data and camera). @Lens On x5 git repo, "packages_apps_camera" is the ICS camera with fixes? (I think test this)
  13. you're too serious :D So here is the source of X5 (Aurora ICS). It seems that the camera is operating.
  14. I expected more people :mellow: Guys, the first thing to do is search the way to solve the problem camera and RIL. (and find GLOW ics) @Lens_flare When I say RILD I mean acer_ril libs :D As for the camera I found at git an interesting commit. You say that it might be useful?
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