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  1. where is this 3.25 firmware? I am yet to even complete the set up of my phone, by which I mean restoring all my apps etc and my phone keeps rebooting and run very hot. somehing is grossly wrong.
  2. I would think so too unless Trip can comment on it to be otherwise. It seems like you kinda know what you are talking about. X fingers :).
  3. I am also facing the battery drain issue, could you pls care to explain a little more as to how can I resolve this issue. thanks
  4. It amazes how not many people are talking about fixing the webview as THE most urgent thing. I can't use email, read rssfeeds, and so on. I am using a77 only for this reason and before any camera, and bluetooth etc need webview fixed.
  5. working nice so far but missing the "ZAP" of AOSP. Could be the stock kernel more than anything else but it is missing the AOSP feel. Overall, very good and will using it until AOSP is refined. Thanks Trip.
  6. Trip, pls don't release before the webview bug is fixed. I feel that is very basic need of a smartphone. I so much want it use this beta but can't with this bug. Can't read html and not pdf with my favorite pdf reader ezPDFreader. Not demanding but just making a request. Thanks.
  7. Why we are not talking more about the webview which is preventing use of this rom for many including me instead of camera. I am back on 77a because I can't even use email in my smartphone. I hope I am not missing anything here.
  8. Look at first OP in previous thread for this ROM which is blocked now. Trip posed the link for gaps there. Gapps posted by Trip
  9. I am having similar display aberration in email app. How did you enable the open gl. I want to try it and see it takes care of it for me. Email is the most important thing for me.
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