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  1. buddy i m using your rom,but it will reboot no. of times and took more rebooting time than other roms.I used your two roms and both the roms have same prob.. i dont know why this happened in my dell xcd 28.......any suggestion. :ph34r:
  2. hi friends,Is there any meathod to change the notification led of zte racer.I saw this thing on galaxy s3.is it possible to do that thing on zte racer. i saw some software but never try yet.
  3. hey buddy is there any method to change the notification light of zte racrer.I saw on galaxy s3 and then i think that is it possible to change that light on zte racer with any software or any other meathod to do that.plz comt..................................
  4. buddy is there any meathod to change the led light of zte racer
  5. is ther any meathod to made zte racer supports two touch beacause of gaming purpose

  6. bro tell me about the dizitiser ribbon.I have same problem and nothing will work on my phone means touch.any suggestion

  7. Bro is it the safe meathod.Because i want to order it because i also having the same problem.Different thing is that my soft keys also not working.What did u suggest me about this prob...
  8. can any body provide me the digitizer of zte racer.In my counry it is not available
  9. yeh bro u r right my digitizer is damaged.In india it is not available ,any suggestion to repair it.
  10. bro my display has been completely disturbed.Any idea to repair it or any suggestion
  11. bro my display has been disturbed completly.Any idea to repair it
  12. hey! equillym........................... i am in a great trouble.My soft keys are not working when i press on it but the softkeys works when i press it little downwared.It seems that my screen & hot keys will move downward .Bro my keyboard will also disturbed when i press erase button in keyboard it will type (m) & when i press spacebar key it type (B).I know this thing seems to be weired but it happens.Bro i tred many roms and many kernals but nothing will help me.I think that u can understood me & help me.Now i am using ur rom sense 2.1 and still I face that problem in this rom also.Help me bro....................help me .......i am in a trouble.I am using recovey which is touch version and also tried but nothing will help me.
  13. thanx mate it will working properly...............
  14. google services,dsp manager,phone and something related to play store
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