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  1. Invalid token or your download link has expired. Please click here and try your download again. Same ERROR.
  2. Hi Trip, Wonderful work!Your ROM is always better than any other works I've ever seen. I've tried Virtuous 's ROM (S4x) today.Some bugs found.Maybe you should also take a look at following things. No root No 3G network(data connections)[Yeah You Have Solved This] May be you should suggest the users to turn of the animation(Settings-Display) or all the screens may mass up(esp settings) Now Downloading.....
  3. Thank U Trip,Thanks for your hark work.But your supporters in China could never use your ROMs unless they mirror them.This makes us feel embarrassed.What's more,Any other way to donate?I do not have a credit card.And the donate link is directing to the XDA forum.
  4. Same problem on my device several months before. Sensation is hot in summer than winter LOL I usually use 2x1200MHz with intelligent demand(new controller in FAUX123's kernel) but for some game I'll temporary use 2x1500MHz make the screen darker may help
  5. Good work Trip. Still not for daily use in Alpha version,though. Hope less FCs and restarts in next version.
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