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  1. guiz79

    how to install android market

    Hello, I presume is not so simple, usually in Europe the phones have a preinstalled Android Market, so you don't need to install anything. In my case, with ZTE blade, I installed a different ROM to get the Market, but you may find a simpler solution. Are you in China? As far as I know China Mobile uses TD-SCDMA, which I'm not sure if it's implemented on the HTC Desire.
  2. If you cannot click the button it's because the pc is not detecting your zte correctly. A friend flashed it for me and as far as I remember he had the same problem and solve it by modifying the .bin file with the imei number of the phone. I don't know how he did it, I'm sorry I cannot give you more specific details.
  3. Thank you for the guide. Downloading drivers.... I have the CWR on the phone, so when I will press Volume Up + Power I will enter CWR mode, right? Is it there where I have to choose "Install .zip" or something similar?
  4. Hi, how did you flash it? I've been searching but I couldn't find any information/tutorial.
  5. Did you try installing apps from market through the pc?
  6. The .bin can be flashed from the CWR? I don't have windows.
  7. guiz79

    how to install android market

    Hello, I am diving into android and the experience has been bittersweet so far. Now I'm dealing with a very strange issue related to market. It used to work through pc in a particular way, I selected the app on the pc, clic on install and it was downloaded to my sdcard on a folder called download. In order to have a clean system after many installation failures of ROMS, updates... I decided to format and reinstall the ROM. Now the market through the pc is not working anymore, when I click install on the pc, nothing happens on the phone. And if I run the market directly run from the phone it is able to download the apks. When I click on install the progress bar appears and completes until 100% and a message shows up thedownloadedfile-5.apkis completed, path is :/mnt/sdcard/download but it is not installed. And there is no folder called download on the sdcard. I used the search function from the Root Explorer and it cannot find any file with that name. Moreover, when I try to install another app the name of the file increases "thedownloadfile-6.apkis". It seems that the previous one exists somewhere, right? I'm completely clueless once more Edit: I found the files, they are saved in /cache/
  8. Try this: when you power on the phone, hold the volume down button. You should enter the cwr.
  9. Hi beggar123, the miui 2.3.5 did not work for me neither, you can try u880_b14_mini.zip, look for it on google.
  10. Hi, when I bought the phone I didn't realize that China had another 3G technology and as you mention, U880 implements TD-SCDMA, and not UMTS, so 3G will never work in Europe for this device. That's a pity (for me). In the other hand GPRS should work, but I couldn't configure it yet (maybe I should set up something on the phone, I'm really clueless). Anyway, having a working android with a working wifi makes this phone a cheap improvement to my old N1110. With some automatic translation help I managed to install a chinese ROM and Market, if anybody is interested I can post the links. With that ROM wifi is working, market is working (but needs a PC to download the apps) and autorotate also works. Edit: I cannot find again the forum where I took the ROM from, but you can search for u880_b14_mini.zip. After flashing the ROM, to get market and google services you must follow this guide http://www.hiapk.com/thread-1781451-1-1.html which includes downloading the me722_update8.zip. The google translation is not very good, but understanding it is not very hard. The most confusing part is the vending.apk, some details on that: Install the vending.apk from me722_update8.zip (you will get an error)Delete, if present, /system/app/Vending.apkMove /data/app/...Vending-1.apk to /system/appRename ...Vending-1.apk to Vending.apkReboot When surfing on the market, you may have problems downloading the files, they remain on the queue but the download never starts. If you use the market through your pc, they will be properly downloaded to your phone and afterwards you can install them with the Filer or any installer. Another workaround is to use ADVERTISING SPAM, which works directly from the phone. Regards, guiz
  11. Hi Faisal, I tried it and get exactly the same error -- Installing: SDCARD:AutoRotation_fix_busybox.zip Finding update package... Opening update package... Installing update... E: Error in /sdcard/AutoRotation_fix_busybox.zip (Status 0) Installation aborted By the way, do you know how fix the issue with the wifi? (it works for maps, but I cannot connect to google account using wifi and 3G is not working in Europe). Regards, guiz
  12. Hi solidchips, I tried to flash the zip following this steps: -Copy Accerlrometer_Fix.zip to the root dir of the sdcard -Start CWR (v0.36) -Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard" and select the .zip file and I get an error message: -- Installing: SDCARD:Accelrometer_Fix.zip Finding update package... Opening update package... Installing update... E:Error in /sdcard/Accelrometer_Fix.zip (Status 0) Installation aborted.
  13. SMS are back by installing an SMS app, Go SMS Pro. Still having problems with wifi.
  14. Hi Solidchips, I followed your above instructions but autorotate is still not working. Do you know how can I fix the wifi issue and make the SMS work again? (despite I'm in Europe they used to work with the original ROM).
  15. I rooted and install the mod published here, but I'm also having issues with wifi, it works fine with maps but trying to sign in with google account gives a "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server". There's no browser included, but I installed Boat from apk and it works fine. SMS are not working (when I select "Text contact" I get "Unsopported action, That action is not currently supported"). Did you manage to fix those issues? Did you install other firmware?

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