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  1. The developer relations contact is away that developers in the community can get in contact with CyanogenMod developers. This contact is not intended as an extra outlet for support.If a device is currently unsupported,there are two possible reasons as to why. 1.) If the device was previously supported and is no longer supported, this means the previous maintainer has either left the CM team, or has become to busy with their own life to continue the work. 2.) It is because there is not a developer on the CM team that is willing to take on the work to maintain it.In either case, if you would like to see support for this device, the best thing to do would be to find a member of the community who is willing to work on this device. This person would need to create a properly working device folder, andsubmit it to us through our devrel initiative. I received this mail from CM team.. If someone does this..it would be good for our phones development with cynogenmod..
  2. Equiliym plz forget About all gb rom ..but atleast can u make the network work on hc rom because in the post its written network is working for Gen 2 so why not Gen 1 plz can u make network work on Gen 1 honeycomb will really be good..
  3. Equiliym can u port latest lewa for racer which will be released tomorrow for blade..I have difficulty changing anything in those roms because they are odexed
  4. Equiliym can we use 4g on our phone because on day I saw 4g symbol near the network bars & our phone is 3.5 g which is early stage of 4g ...so can we use 4g on our phone..
  5. Equiliym I want to deodex latest lewa rom for blade which is impossible with ultimatex..& Equiliym I also it in Ubuntu 10.10 but it is the problem of Java which is not available for 10.10 version...& can u give me download link for windows version of kitchen..thanks..
  6. Equiliym I got cmd like thing but It just blinks & again goes away..don't know what's wrong....
  7. I tried to run android kitchen using cygwin but for some odd reason when I try to open cygwin.bat after installation....just a black window blinks & nothing happens..can any one help..
  8. Equiliym i want to know ..........do we have android kicken for our racer ...so that it will be easy to build roms
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