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  1. HI. I'm using MMHM RLS9, and I want to disable data at night using timeriffic, but don't work. -Is timeriffic capable do disable 3G data on SS without apndroid? Another way are use apndroid+timeriffic, I know.
  2. I came from RLS7 and later fish and chips. I love RLS9 and ROM setings menu!!! I also have same issue in both ROMS, I wan use timeriffic to disable 3g data at night and re-enable at morning. Timeriffic+apndroid can disable, but don't enable data at morning. Someone have same issue? I make a full data+dalvik wipe, and format /cache /data /sd-ext Thanks for RLS9.
  3. Hi all. Anyone knows how to add an additional language to this ROM. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I've wiped the blade and now batery usage stats works fine.
  5. Hi. I'm using this ROM only for a few days, and I'm very pleased. Two days ago, I opened copilot Live only for a few minutes. If I see Battery usage info, copilot live has used over 95 - 98 percent, but this program don't are in runing services. I also used "system tuner" from market, I was unable to find copilot live, and CPU use are normal (not at 100%) After a reboot, same issue, battery usage shows tha copilot live uses 95%percent, but also I can' find it (i also used command top in a terminal) I'm unable to remove copilot live from Battery usage info.
  6. Thanks. I've same problem and if I turn on alway this problem seems disappear. But I don't know how it's affect to my battery life.
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