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  1. no one can tell you; try it ;) do a factory reset and see if problems are present again.
  2. one could easily edit init.rc and redirect everything you want anywhere; cache for example to a tmpfs which gets deleted and recreated at every reboot. dalvik2sd/sdext. this way you can gain some extra space, too. did that on htc leo/hd2 for hyperdroid & my rom, works just fine :) will own this device in ca. one week (gift for gf) and do some testings regarding this stuff and some extra small rom; she likes android and its apps and will need a little more space than this device offers @ stock. i'm really looking forward to this. :D
  3. nope, and in every case: don't use this method ;) it is doing only partially s-off, e.g. fastboot flash commands don't work as with revolutionary method. plus your phone gets registered as "modified" at htc, which means they can void guarantee.
  4. trip, when you're reading this: you're not interested in contributing here, hm...? would be nice, you've got some fixes which aren't implemented here ;)
  5. my point of view: v. provided help with a fix and t. felt offended because it's his thread and work. discussion between them exploded, but mainly because of t.'s choice of words. in addition there was this kernel gpl condition which wasn't fulfilled. all together: t.'s not in a very stable condition atm which needs a little bit thoughtfulness; and unfortunately maybe a bit (un-controlled) harsh; and pi**ed off about how it went here. so he went over to another forum. unfortunately at the time when the little war between them rose up there wasn't a mod available to control this escalated situation. as it looks he can come back and continue; but he don't want to...? don't know... but anyway: thx for statement, paul :)
  6. hey, maestro :D nice to have a base to play with ;) thank you for providing your setup; only three to five things were left (which i don't know anymore :( sry; but i can do patch files if you want) and it started building. finally a customized cm9 for everyone who wants it. thx again!
  7. will do a little bug list and eventually some fixes :) not possible atm, and done already from other users...
  8. trip, be thanked!!! !!! !!! folks, what's up...? it's standard for you to be served with cool stuff...? *g* give him a thanks, pls ;)
  9. unfortunately not the same as rev; your system and recovery partition is writeable then, you can install custom roms. but that's it. fastboot flash command isn't working :( (as of my knowledge and reading and asking :D) and a side effect: your phone gets registered as "opened" @ htc, which means, they can refuse guarantee in special cases.
  10. what's around...?!? nothing...? except paroxetin lol...

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