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  1. You're realy working hard :o Still nothing about carrier name statusbar on Orange branded HTC One ?
  2. Trickdroid but it's the same with all Sense ROM ... I just use a mod to Center Clock
  3. My HTC One have carrier name displayed at the top right corner (in status bar) in every Sense based ROM, is it possible to remove it as it is for the HTC First? i don't see it on AOSP roms so i think it's possible to remove it ...
  4. Hi, i bought it from the play store, and now i have ads with this version, will PlayStore version be refunded ?
  5. I got a FC from COM.android.phone every 5 minutes, i will try to full wipe and flash it again ...
  6. Do you know you are awesome ? is the device stable at 2.2Ghz ?
  7. Hi, they are exactly the sames, the diferences are the CPU @ 1.5Ghz instead of 1.2Ghz, the battery (1700mAh instead of 1520) and you will have better sound with the Sensation XE ... but all the ROM working for Sensation will work for XE ;)
  8. It's possible to go back to S-ON but it seems to be something hard, with risks to brick your device ... Once your device is rooted you can not update it OTA you have to flash the lastest yourself, it's easy to do don't worry ;)
  9. Hi! Why do you want to restore à S-On HBOOT ? T'es français ?
  10. Thanks a lot ! Can i run it over 3.24 FW or do i have to downgrade to the 3.12 ?
  11. Could you explain exactly how to do? When i set DPI to 160 things on my screen just become smaller, but i still can't have the tablet UI ... i tried with TripNice and Virtuous Quatro and it's the same, even with auto-rotate 180°
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