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  1. He has moved on to the HTC One X you can find him the device forums here, he doesnt support Sensation no more
  2. Running test 4 so far so good but i noticed on the last few releases Trip, the in-call screen is not showing correctly, like the black bar should cover more of the contact picture and in yours its half faded away and half black bar and i dont think it supposed to be like that. Thanks
  3. I.don't see test 3 117 on my drop box:/ And people who can't play playback video use mx player from play store for now
  4. Edit: Well so far its running smooth, will play with it a little while longer and report back asap:) Thanks again Trip Edit 2: Well after playing with it for a while the same issue occur like broken video playback, 480p isnt working in camcorder and no voice search, i do noticed you implemented the recent apps windows from sense 4 but its a little unlined wrong
  5. So far i had 2 soft reboots on 114 and i couldnt get to the home screen unless taking out teh battery:(
  6. So far 114 is working like a champ:) camcorder and everything is working fine...keep up the good work Trip, this is it:D
  7. Greatttt trip:) take your time man because we want to make sure its better than your previous builds:p
  8. Hey Eggy, can you tell me what sms popup app you're using on this rom? thanks:)
  9. Does the mic/voice search work on this? Because in the real virtuous quattro rom on xda it didnt:(
  10. Thats because voice search/mic isnt working he said he fixed it in the next release:)
  11. Pretty stable to me just mic/voice search and video camera isn't working
  12. Your welcome. Might as well wait for the update trip is about to release today with working Bluetooth:)
  13. Sounds great:) Can you please fix mic/voice search issue not working? Thanks
  14. Thanks guys, but what i think it was, was that i had the old 3.12 fw lolz so i flashed the 3.32 fw and now it flashes fine:)
  15. Hey trip, for some reason i cant flash your new update:( every time i try it says installation aborted, and i even downloaded the zip twice and from here and rootz wiki and im still having the same issue. Any reason for this? Thanks
  16. Yeah its weird ever since I flashed this rom its been happening n for awhile my power button wasn't even working at all n then it comes back and shows the apm constantly:(
  17. Loving this rom trip ,great work:) I noticed voice search isn't working in this release though:(
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