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  1. how we're you able to s-off your phone and flash a custom rom but you don't know how to create a folder? use es file explorer or root explorer and navigate to data/system and create the folder....
  2. yes I've been dding it since B001. themes only v4 specific themes built for v4 template work.
  3. when i get out of range and come back in range it fails to reconnect. It reconnects with the icon and full bars are there however no internet until i toggle it off and back on
  4. wifi constantly disconnects and fails to reconnect. on latest version Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  5. how do I enable emoji icons? they just show up as boxes usually in stock MIUI app (in gingerbread) they show up it even let's me go to. the smilies face but they are all boxes... thanks Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  6. wifi seems to have trouble reconnecting once losing signal and then coming back into signal and/or if screen is off for long time even if policy is set to never. I am not sure if just build prop edits are needed? Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  7. Got everything restored as it should be on b004 and everything is great. Signal bars work getting full data speeds. No reboots and so far no app closes Does anybody have a download for this wallpaper? it was default in b001 but i cannot set it as my desktop wallpaper in b004 and it doesnt even come up under lockscreen wallpapers it just happens to be my wallpaper there
  8. I restored everything on b003 and still am using it haven't had any reboots or anything I guess I'll stay on it and see what happens. Well no apps I have installed are showing up in market even after clearing market cache/data APPS now showed up once google voice picked up an update.
  9. Meh going to go back to b001. No signal bars and why does about phone have miui au which doesn't fit on screen instead of trip n miui now?
  10. still on B001 I guess I'll back up and try this Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  11. use app to. toggle headphones it was on page 2 or 3 of this thread check my post history Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  12. no random app closes? I am. getting apps closing without any prompt Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  13. who else is on b002 should I upgrade? or is it less stable? Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  14. that's not ICS 4.0.3 which htc has released no kernel source for.... Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
  15. What firmware are you using? Also what apps fc for you? I only had 1 reboot from titanium backup so far but I haven't done too much besides camera/text/browser edit: everything else has worked too. Facebook, amazon, beautiful widgets, Tapatalk, maps, Facebook, dolphin....
  16. thanks I have been trying to figure out this for a while Video Camera BT Headphone Jack Themes (New build coming must use v4 themes) Titanium Backup sometimes causes reboot
  17. did you happen to look at headphone jack? Sent from my HTC Pyramid using Tapatalk
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