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  1. I want to buy an 1900mah ANKER battery in ROMANIA. The only seller on ebay and amazon is LAPTOPMATE who doesn't send in Romania. Does anybody know another seller? Is there any alternative to the ANKER battery? Everybody sends me to buy that battery for the heating and better juice problem wich i cannot find
  2. Don't think it was stolen. Who steals the box and all the accesories? :) I don't care really... i gave 350$ for it (in romanian currency). Regardless, i must send it to another city, wait 30 days (law in Romania) and I am really eager to test Trips future ICS Roms. I still hope it is a software problem, since i am not the only one with the weird "crack" in the middle of the screen. How can something just brake wihtout doing anything???? :((
  3. Because i don't have any papers for the phone, i can't connect any official service (like HTC's service in Romania).
  4. No warranty here... :(( i bought off a site like ebay (a romanian version). It was almost new, but i didn't get any papers for it. So my only option is to ask people for an answer.
  5. I will also go to a repair man to ask him about it. I can't understand why and when it apeared. It seems to be smaller if the screen is off and getting to about 1cm long as i use the phone (a thick center with ramifications up and down). And it is totaly invisible in white background
  6. A strange white line /scratch/crack apeared inside my phones LCD. I can confirm the phone was never damaged, it is almost new. The line is only visible on black or gray backgrounds. It looks likethe is no colour generated on that area. please help with some advice on what it can be.
  7. Just flashed it. 1800-1900 in Quadrant and a little laggy, but a step forward nevertheless. If any one had tried the new Radio, please report back. :)
  8. I sudenly have a problem: i get the "application not installed" error on ANY app i try to install from sd card. I have used this rom for some time and it worked perfectly till now. Is there a solution? Tanks ;)
  9. So i have flashed Trips ROM (not MiUi or ICS) and it doesn't get hot as fast as the others i have tried. I can play any game for 1h stright and the phone only feels worm. Reading some other threads, i found out that the heat problem can be caused by the OC\UV - the voltage might be to high. Can someone post their OC Daemon settings? (voltages, governer, freqences) The battery still runs out in the middle of the day :( I strongly beleave it has to do with the stupid S-Lcd technology and the chipset.
  10. Thanks alot for the answers. I flashed Virtuos ROM and the phone still heats up when using the browser or in games. I know that is a little bit normal, but my last Galaxy S2 (wich used to have a custom OC/UV'd ROM) was cold as ice in ANY situation (more or less when playng Blood & Glory) I'm starting to think that the porblem is with HTC Sense, so i will flash Trips ICS ROM and see how it works in the browser and some games.
  11. Hello people, The problem: When i use the browser (3g+ connection or wifi), play ANY game (wich works on any single core device) the bottom part of the phone gets extremely hot and the phone eats the battery juice really fast. I managed to play games for 42 minutes and the battery died (from79% to 0%) I run Android Revolution HD 3.6.8 (sense 3.0, GB 2.3.4) Is there a kernel that OC's or DC's the CPU/GPU depending on the app that i run? Why use 2x1500mhz for a 2D game that also runs perfectly on a HTC Desire? Is there any known fix for this?
  12. Hello people. This is my FIRST post on this forum and i want it to be THANK YOU Trip for the oportunity to test ICS and the incredible job you have done so far. I hope you will make the camera work (so i can use camscanner). Other then that, Alpha 3 worked almost perfectly for me (other then some FC's and reboots -wich i can live with)
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