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  1. I don't believe the Crescent's sound quality issues can be completely fixed in software anyway. I'd suggest you look instead at this cheap way to improve the sound; http://www.amazon.co.uk/FiiO-E06-Portable-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B005HJWWW8
  2. Two very minor issues; the new swype-style keyboard feature doesn't work. It just kind of shows you a blue trail and doesn't do anything else. The other is that LED notifications are always the same colour, rather than varying from red to green.
  3. The battery life seems fine. Little to no drain when you're not using the phone, and acceptable drain when you are. One comment; it's possible to set the screen's brightness to zero. I usually use the status bar to adjust this, and I've made the screen go completely black a few times. I was like OH NO MY PHONE BROKED.
  4. Cheers, it was under homescreen settings. Duh. Mind you, I can't actually search for anything. Opt out of google now, then it passes you onto the search screen, but the aforementioned browser issues cause it to crash. Well I like that it's there at least, looks better without that gap.
  5. Or not. Neither work. Used the S2E zip on the previous page instead of the former, and gave up on Google Now. There does seem to be people trying to get it to work on ARMv6, but mainly for 4.0 or 4.1 devices. The main thing I'm missing without it is that little search bar on the homescreen, perhaps there's some way to get just that back.
  6. These two look promising: Mount2SD, and 4.2.1 gapps for armv6. Don't try them yet though, let me be your guinea pig. *edit* A nice interface where you can access settings by just holding your finger down anywhere on the screen.
  7. Just installed it. Seems absolutely lovely, great job Daz. OTA updates are a particularly nice touch. 4.2.1 is generally a much nicer OS, it's great to see stuff like the new camera apps, and the drop-down settings menu working without a hitch. These are things that will really make using our phones day-to-day much more pleasurable, so thank you. Off to try and find something that will let me use my ext partition for apps, and some way to get google now working. Wish me luck...
  8. It looks like a lot like a Vivacity (iPhone 4 aping, capacitive buttons), but of course that's no guarantee ROMs for one will work on the other. If you want to try, I would install clockworkmod first (I don't see any reason why the build and instructions in this thread shouldn't work). Then you can make a nandroid backup of the stock rom, so you can go back to that if things go horribly wrong. If a ROM isn't compatible with your phone, it either won't boot or things will be glitchy / won't work. It shouldn't break anything permanently.
  9. I used to use a2sd, now I use int2ext+. I find it's a bit easier than a2sd, as you don't need to go into the terminal emulator to change settings or anything, you just choose the appropriate script (there are others by the same dev besides int2ext+) and install it. Does ziplining automatically too. There's basically no reason to use a GUI really like S2E or whatever. To the above poster, you basically partition your sd card using clockworkmod, then you install a script (such as int2ext) also via clockworkmod, and then that basically just moves all the apps for you. There will be tutorials online about partitioning and installing scripts that explain it better than I could, so I won't elaborate any further.
  10. Turns out there's a good reason for this, it doesn't do anything seeing as it's based around the whole Google Now framework. Oh well, I think the homescreens look weird without it.
  11. Is there no way to just disable the DPI stuff entirely, or set a system-wide preference? I don't want to have to adjust settings for each individual app really. Ta for the help though, things are decidedly less fiddly now!
  12. It does. The search widget doesn't, so I went and got the full version. A good, fairly stable ROM, better than the last version of CM10 I tried, probably mainly because it's a newer build so includes the work that has been done since. Google now doesn't seem to work, but then again I wasn't expecting it to. Also I can't seem to find a way to force the system settings to display in phone mode, it's always in this tablet mode with dual bars, which is just silly. Any suggestions?
  13. Actually considering that it failed so quickly and it's reasonable to expect an equivalent phone as replacement, you are probably entitled to a straight replacement or full refund. I got mine in November, and I would certainly not accept a 'no refunds' response from Orange if it failed now.
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