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  1. Try Gonemad better than playerpro
  2. Heres the KK splash if anybody needs http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1837764
  3. Finally the journey end here i guess...just recieved my moto g.. every phone i bought was a masterpiece in itself... nokia 5230 (still going on)...which even had cooked custom rom...imagine a non-android phone with rom support zte blade - the best unofficial dev support for any phone ever made i guess ...still going on moto g..future best official dev support phone ... the phone wont die just yet...passed on the phone to my dad...so cm9 would be stable enough + good battery perf i guess
  4. One minor bug... usb mass storage does not work if the screeen is off.. i mean files arent copied unless u unlock
  5. have you ever heard a process called 'bug reporting' also why are u so hyperactive over anything involved to devs... ur behiviour is like a overly attached girlfriend
  6. wow strange bugs for everyone.. ill share my bugs too.. 1. the media process 2. phone call ...2 secs delay...once i didnt get the phone call screen at all...thank god it wasnt a imp call 3. and of course teh universal random reboots...\ 4. system.ui stopped working ...not quite often though
  7. media.process stopped working...getting this non-stop while launching mx player...but everything works fine ??
  8. why do u keep asking trivial things... :wacko: cant these things be found out by simple googling
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