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  1. Congratulations!!!! You're a lucky man. :D Always is necessary a replacement phone.
  2. What a pity!!! Also I've grown with him and I think this phone is the greatest for beginers of Android Scene. See you,...perhaps in other forum :) I'm thinking change my U8220 for a new Xperia Z. I've have an offer from Orange. :D Bye
  3. If we could obtain the system partition of my ROM... Any ideas? EDIT: Which are the benefits getting a greater system partition? The majority of ROMs are OK for the 110 MB partition.
  4. @desalesouche, Pedro Jaime, I've found other U8220 (from a colleage) with the Original 1.5 Stock ROM...with 165 MB Internal storage available. Compilation number: U8220V100R001C00B275SP01 Kernel version: 2.627-perf [email protected]#1 Do you known if it's possible extract dload information from Stock ROM to flash in my phone? EDIT: With this STOCK ROM we could obtain a /system greater.
  5. @Pedro Jaime. Yes, I have Link2SD app. My storage is the next: Interna (15% libre) /data --> Total: 222 MB Usado: 187 MB Libre: 35,24 MB Sistema (49% libre) /system --> Total: 170 MB Usado: 86,48 Libre: 83,52 MB 2ª Particion en tarjeta SD (79% libre) /data/sdext2 --> Total: 540 MB Usado: 110 MB Libre:430 MB How I can free storage in /data? With diskusage: (in /data) dalvik-cache: 98,3 MB app: 39,4 MB data: 33,9 MB system data: 10,8 MB Free Space: 35,2 MB
  6. If your phone is OK...I don't flash. My phone have a lot of problems and I prefer try with Original ROM. After, I'll flash a Custom ROM....surely Onyx. What ROM do you recomend me for your kernel? What ROM are you using? It's possible that you upload your ROM with your newest kernel Thanks
  7. Why do you want return to an original stock? Perhaps you want to have more space in the /system. I don't know what happens with the rest of space when you flash an official ROM and it change the partition table. Do you know?
  8. 112640/1024= 110 You have a 110 MB in your /system partition. Sometime I supposo that you installed a TRE or UK ROM I don't understand why you see 80 MB in Total space.
  9. @desalesouche available space=Total space - Used space I think that your /system have 80 MB Can you execute df -k /system? How you can reflash original firmware? What ROM will you flash?
  10. @Desalesouche. No. My phone is a U8220...perhaps U8220-6. I'm not sure. I think that your kernel is not the problem. I'll try Time Machine :wacko: @Pedro Jaime. Piensas que si instalo el Time Machine y una ROM Oficial (UK, por ejemplo) tendré el /system más pequeño?
  11. Hi Pedro Jaime. I have a lot of expertise flashing :) ...more than I wanted :( My phone has installed CWM I've tried everything on CWM...without luck. I'll review this section Removing all Traces of Custom Rom that I didn't know. EDIT: Removing all Traces of Custom Rom is the same that installing Original ROM and for me it's impossible (Update Failed) In the step 5 I've seen If your phone "Fails to Update" Please refer to the FAQ [here] Question: When I try updating to 2.1 It keeps displaying "Update Failed" Answer: Are you sure you have a U8220 Pulse? Check under the battery cover. Under my battery cover appears: U8220 Mac: xxxxxxxxxxx IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxx S/N: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx FCC ID: QISU8220-6 Have I one U8220-6? What benefits has a greater /system? I need Link2SD because I don't have space to install more apps. For me the best ROM is Onyx (by Twrock) but I want to use the last kernel by desalesouche. As fastboot don't work for me, I have to flash the kernel with CWM and I don't know if it's good way. Another problem I have (I've remebered) is my Kubuntu can't detect the phone when I connect the usb. And If I connect usb in Windows, the phone is detected like Ideos and I can't install the drivers. Es por todo esto que he pensado hacer una limpieza total. Any solutions about drivers?
  12. Hola Pedro Jaime, soy de España. Quizas no me he explicado bien. Lo que quiero es poner una ROM oficial para dejarlo todo como de fabrica para luego pasarme otra vez a una Custom ROM. Por partes: 1) Si voy a Ajustes--> Almacenamiento, en Almacentamiento interno aparece lo siguiente: Espacio Total: 220 MB Espacio Disponible: 37,3 MB Si tienes otra forma de mirar el espacio de /system me lo comentas y te lo reviso. EDITO: Salida de df -k /system Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/block/mtdblock4 174080 88560 85520 51% /system 2) Si tu crees que no es necesario volver a una ROM Oficial para hacer una limpieza completa, explicame como. Ultimamente veo que arranca muy lento y el wifi va fatal incluso cambiando el kernel. -------------------------------- Hello Pedro Jaime, i'm from Spain. Maybe I haven't explained very well. What I want is to put an official ROM to leave everything as factory and then flash to a Custom ROM. 1) If I go to Settings -> Storage, in Internal Storage appears: Space Total: 220 MB Space Available: 37.3 MB If you know another way of looking the space in /system, you mention and I review it. EDIT: Print of df -k /system Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/block/mtdblock4 174080 88560 85520 51% /system 2) If you think you do not need to return to an Official ROM to make a complete cleaning, tell me how. Lately the phone start very slow and the wifi is horrible even changing the kernel.
  13. Hi Pedro Jaime and desalesouche, Somos pocos los que quedamos en este foro... but it doesn't matter. I like my U8220 (Pulse) and I want more!! I would like install a official ROM (UK, Hungarian, Tre, etc...) to start from scratch. I've notice my phone start very slow and can't flash through fastboot. At this moment I've CM7.2-Onyx -Reworked with your last Kernel. and wifi is very bad. The phone works but my battery drains very fast. Quizas es la bateria pero quiero descartar la mezcla de kernels y ROMS. I don't know if I can brick my pulse but I think it's necessary. I've read the "Ultimate Pulse Owner Guide" but I want your recommendations. He tratado de actualizar con la UK 2.1 Oficial con la carpeta dload en la raiz de la SD, pero cuando he iniciado mediante (Power + Volumen UP + End Call) he obtenido "Update Failed" Is it necessary flash Time Machine? Please, Can you lead me? Thanks!!! EDIT: I don't know what version is my U8220. mi almacenamiento interno son 220 MB. Es muy superior a las particiones de Tre o UK If you need more information for help me...ask me
  14. Great news!!! Desalesouche still is working in our ROM :D Yo también escribo en Español...podemos cambiar el idioma? je, je, je I'll test the new kernel tomorrow. :ph34r: Thanks a lot.
  15. Hi desalesouche, Have you checked if your mobile (with your kernel) remains in deep sleep? In my phone battery drains faster than before. I don't know if the battery is beginning to fail or is by other reasons. Today, I've installed BBS (BetterBatteryStats), an application that would allow check which apps are draining the battery. What I've seen that the kernel never stay in a deep sleep status. Always is awake. This can be a problem because my battery life is very short. Can you check this in your phone? Thanks
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