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  1. I have the solo headphones, the volume rockers and the hardware buttons only seem to work for iOS products. only pause and play work for Android.
  2. I think I am gonna stick with MIUI till this thing hits beta. My HD2 will serve by ICS needs till then :D
  3. That doesnt help him at all. My suggestion would be to search around in the xda thread pertaining to that rom and see if they already have a solution. I ran that same rom and I got insane amounts of battery life (in a good way).
  4. Confirmed on the soft reboot. Great job regardless! This is my new daily rom because the market is fixed. If we can get the overall UI running a bit snappier then it will be better than my old Sense roms from xda. :D
  5. Loving the rom so far, generally I chill on XDA but this time it seems someone else beat them to the punch :D Glad to see some great work is going on with the Sensation over here and I will be flashing this as soon as it is stable
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