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  1. same here..on tripndroid rom facebook contacts with phone numbers work but not on this one..
  2. screen rotation and ctr animation would be much appreciated thxs
  3. fix black screen rotation + crt animations and you will have 2 weeks with beers ;)
  4. yup, and sometimes i have to press the power button twice if not 3 times to turn it on
  5. temporary fix, just use mp3 ringtone maker, choose your preferred song and make it default notification or call notification
  6. mine is at 340mhz cpu governor set ondemand and when you touch the softkeys they vibrate even with the phone turned off
  7. what was the cause? fix the echo and the blank screen when rotation today and iris will love you forever :P
  8. funny thing is that when you are using your in-ear headphones to talk on the phone, the echo is gone but as soon as you unplug it, the echo comes back..it has to do with noise cancellation
  9. remember to flash the modules too,you need to manually move them to system/lib/modules since he didn't create a flashable .zip .. i did for me..pm me if you want me to upload the .zip for the modules
  10. faux123's kernel is way better..I tried franco's kernel and the phone overheats, laggs when scrolling, etc..not good so I gave faux's kernel a try and it seems to perform better..at least for me
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