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  1. Excuse me, anyone can solve this problem? Is there any idea can play line pop in skate?? THX.. :)
  2. it started emitting a horrible high pitch noise at full volume... --> my skate have happened the same problem with it. but i don't remember it was miui or some others roms .
  3. Thanks guys.... maybe i should buy an another good cell phone for playing the game :D
  4. Is any good idea make our skate for playing "temple run" ? Thankx~ :huh:
  5. 我用手機玩FUN好康,看到互動活動 [『用籌碼』抽 Fujifilm Instax mini 50S 雙快門拍立得], 說明:

  6. pretty good rom :D , but if it can change theme will be perfect. :D

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