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  1. As Polka said, BetterBatteryStats shows absolutely nothing in this case. It happened only once since I installed this ROM, so I'm not really worried about it. It was last week I believe. If it happens again I'll investigate.
  2. Yes, I've seen this once too. I can't tell prscisely what I did before it happened though.
  3. Great work daemond, thanks a lot ! Yes, I have this problem too. I think I've read abotu it in previous KonstaT releases. Am I mistaken ? Is everybody seeing this, or is it only for some users / phone models ?
  4. No, the ROM feels perfectly smooth. Only the new lockscreen feels laggy, the "old" one was perfect. Wow dude, thanks a lot ! You saved my day ! :D
  5. Yes, I'd rather have the old one. I find these camera and widgets screens totally useless.
  6. I had a hard time getting my blade to detect my MW600 bluetooth headset, but it finally worked. I don't know how I did it exactly. I think I turned on BT on the blade, then turned on my headset, then used the "skip" button or something like that. I doesn't show track titles though. That used to work on CM10. No you don't. If it is the blade that is doing the pairing, there is no need to turn the blade visibility on.
  7. I've made the switch from CM10 to CM10.1 finally. No problem with battery, it seems to be the same as in CM10. Battery drain often comes from Google Now I believe. I don't like the new lockscreen though, it's very laggy and I have no use for the widgets/camera stuff. Is there a way to revert back to the "classic" lock screen ?
  8. OK thanks for sharing your views on the device. I think there are better (hardware-wise) devices in this same price range, but most of them are not widely distributed and will never have CM support (because the manufacturers won't release source codes). Once you've tasted custom ROMs (and JB), it's hard the be stuck on original ROMs (most of which will never be upgraded to JB). BTW, is project butter fully working on this device ? Does it make a noticeable difference ? (I believe it is since you don't mention it in the "not working" list)
  9. KonstaT, what kind of battery life do you get out of your Blade III running CM10 ? How does it compare to the Blade "1" running your same release (i.e. your latest CM10) ? I've read nice reviews of the Blade 3, but most of them talk about lags and slowdowns in the interface. I'm pretty sure that using a custom ROM totally solves these issues though (can you confirm ?), but I wonder how CM10 impacts the good battery life that all the reviewers agree on.
  10. I had the same problem with Burstlam's CM9. I haven't had the problem with Konstat's CM10 yet, but I think it could happen anytime. Never understood where it came from.
  11. Excellent ROM, good choice. No theme support or thing like that, this is a stock ROM. The only changes made by Konstat are described on the first message of this thread. This is not CM based or anything like that. It is too close to stock android to my liking (hard to go back to sotck GB once you tried CM10), but great ROM, very stable and battery efficient.
  12. The one with the highest number is the newest of course, why do you ask ? Release7 is the latest release and the one you should use.
  13. That's excellent news ! I had not been following the ICS/JB threads very activelly lately, so I missed that changelog. Thanks a lot !
  14. Is the kernel used in this ROM different that the ones used on CM7 for instance ? Can I flash any Kernel on this ROM instead of the default one ? I am asking this because I am still stuck on GB because of he "GPS disconnects data" bug, and was wondering whether this could be kernel related. Thanks !
  15. Yes, excellent ROM, but I still have the problem that the GPS disconnects my data connections when first trying to catch the satellites. Very annoying. It happends on all ICS and all JB rom for me (European Blade, Gen1 TPT to Gen2, OLED). Still on GB just because of this... :(
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